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Reasons and elimination of pitting on the surface of stamping parts with poor accuracy

the phenomenon that the surface of products is uneven due to foreign matters on the concave die plane is called pitting

pitting can be divided into two or three layers of common polyethylene anticorrosive coating according to the stress ratio. The reasons for the fatigue test are as follows:

① the dust near the press falls and sticks to the wear spot reading data mold or material (environmental reasons)

② the press near the window and the passage sticks to the mold and materials due to the wind or the dust raised by the entrance and exit of the car (environmental reasons)

③ when the safety passage near the press passes through the forklift, the dust flies due to the exhaust gas (environmental reasons)

④ when using the mold, the casting sand or dust is inhaled from the pores, which becomes the cause of pitting (mold problem)

⑤ when applying processing oil on the blank, the hair of the brush falls off and sticks to the blank; Or when the drum is oiled, the debris falling from the drum is coated with oil (lubrication problem)

⑥ when cleaning the blank, due to the unclean cleaning, the whiskers during blanking are left (cleaning problem)

⑦ PVC film debris, and the thinning waste of surface treated steel plates (lead tin plated steel plate, galvanized steel plate, tin plated steel plate, etc.) stick to the mold, causing pitting (mold problem) on the products

elimination method for them

in order to prevent pitting, first of all, the working environment should be clean; Secondly, other adverse factors in the operation should be eliminated. The method of cleaning products with liquid lubricant is particularly effective

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