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Lu'an building materials market environmental protection children's paint has no test report

recently, the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce sampled the quality of paint and adhesive. Among them, a certain wall paint with the selling point of "plasticization of plastic also pollutes children twice" was detected to be seriously over standard, which also caused the attention of many citizens to children's paint products. During a visit to Lu'an market on April 24, it was found that many brand wall paints also added "children's wear", saying that they are environmentally friendly and pollution-resistant, and the price is much higher than that of ordinary paints. However, some insiders admitted that the "gimmick" component is greater. It is reported that in August this year, China's first national standard for children's furniture will be enforced. However, the market standard of children's paint is still blank

there are hidden dangers in decoration pollution

at the end of 2011, Ms. Liang, a citizen who lives in Longhu villa community in the urban area, moved into a new home. Although it was less than two months from the completion of decoration, the smell of oil paint was finally "eliminated" by placing potted plants, activated carbon, pomelo peel, long-term ventilation and other means. But before long, the 3-year-old child was diagnosed with upper respiratory tract infection due to cough. Introduced by a friend, Ms. Liang came to a professional decoration pollution control company and found that the benzene content in the new house slightly exceeded the standard

it is reported that benzene series substances are the main component of organic solvents. Exceeding the standard of benzene series substances in organic solvents is easy to cause organic solvent poisoning, especially in some newly-built and newly decorated kindergartens and families, indoor environmental pollution is very serious. Among the decoration and decoration materials of children's rooms, paint and paint have the greatest hidden dangers

selling points are mainly "environmental protection brand"

several building materials markets, in each brand paint shop, you can basically find oneortwo products with "children" as the selling point. Some people call it "natural bamboo charcoal factor, excellent effect and easy scrubbing", while others say "super hiding power, 1800 kinds of mature color options"

these beautiful products are expensive, about twice as expensive as ordinary paint on average. For example, the price of a 5L "children's bedroom paint" is 299 yuan, while the price of 5L ordinary interior wall paint of the same brand is only 140 yuan; The retail price of another "Miaoxian paint" is as high as 580 yuan/5l, which is more than 4 times the price of ordinary paint

the salesperson of a brand paint store said that compared with ordinary paint, children's paint is more environmentally friendly and stain resistant, so the price is higher. This view is supported by most specialty stores. However, many businesses cannot provide test reports or specific data on harmful substances of these children's paint products. Lu'an dealer of a brand of wall paint said, "those children's paint is just a concept played by the manufacturer. The price is still high, and I didn't take a few goods. If you really want to buy it, I suggest using this ordinary paint, which makes little difference."

market standards have not been issued yet

on some children's paint products, the Executive Standards are consistent with ordinary interior paint. The manufacturer produces according to the "indoor decoration materials harmful substances limit 10 items laboratory machine host maintenance: mandatory national standard", and this environmental protection standard is also implemented for ordinary interior paint. From the product information, we can also see that the volatile organic compounds content, formaldehyde content and other indicators of children's paint are comparable to ordinary indoor paint, and its environmental protection level can be achieved by many ordinary paints

in this regard, some insiders in the decoration pollution control industry said that at present, the concept of children's paint has not been issued with specific national standards, so it is impossible to have special restrictions on its safety. At present, paint products on the market are roughly divided into solvent based paint and water-based paint. The former is commonly known as the size of paint, which is better to cover the lower jaw, while products with water as solvent are safer because they do not contain volatile toxic substances such as benzene. The insiders suggested that parents should focus on simple decoration in the decoration of children's rooms. At the same time, maintain the stability of indoor new product batches, high fresh air, and pay attention to natural ventilation and lighting

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