Causes and elimination methods of moire in the hot

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Causes and elimination methods of moire in step tone printing

dot moire is caused by uneven density distribution caused by uneven arrangement in dot printing of more than two colors. This uneven distribution lies between the complete weight and the complete juxtaposition of points. Obviously, the density of focus is less than that of juxtaposition. If the density difference is too large and appears alternately in a regular manner, moire will appear

since the silk braiding structure of silk screen printing is also arranged in a regular manner like dots, there is the possibility of Moire between silk and film. In addition, the printing control of silk screen printing is more variable than offset printing, so the moire control of step tone silk printing is more complex. Liu Yusheng, an old printer, is proficient in the color step and silk printing process, and has a lot of research on the color step and four-color addition process. Recently, at the request of many friends, as a special expert of Huicong silk screen printing, teacher Liu Yusheng specially compiled his valuable experience in plate making with the theme of the causes and elimination methods of moire patterns, and delivered it to Huicong silk screen printing for publication in the 2009 Daquan. 2009 "China industry information encyclopedia silk screen special printing industry volume" is available free of charge

like silk printing, lithography and printing, dots are used to reproduce the tone of the original. Y. The m, C and K color plates interfere with each other during dot printing, and various interference patterns will appear, and the patterns will change with the size of the dot angle difference. All the patterns will appear within the included angle of 45 and repeat within the range of 90. The normal pattern is uniform and dense, looks comfortable, and has normal step reproduction performance. Abnormal patterns are piled up and scattered according to specific rules, the patterns are coarse, the color depth is uneven, and it looks uncomfortable, which destroys the performance of dot reproduction of color. It is a big taboo of printing. Therefore, how to eliminate moire has become an experience that all silk printing practitioners must master. Starting from his own experience, teacher Liu Yusheng analyzed the causes of overprint moire and silk moire. Overprint moire is mainly the result of mutual interference when more than two pictures and texts with small spatial cycle difference overlap; Silk moire is produced by the interference of the warp and weft of the cloth

understand the causes of different moire patterns. Through six aspects: how to correctly select the match between the number of lines added to the original and the number of silk meshes, the correct plate making technology, the selection of the angle of addition, and the correct operation of the process, analyze in detail how to eliminate peak and time moire patterns. This article combines theory with practice, and has a large number of actual data as an explanation. I believe it can make readers intuitively understand moire patterns and quickly grasp the method of Moire elimination

in order to better help people in the industry improve the screen printing process without generating harmful gas, Huicong screen printing special printing has opened up a special topic on printing process in the technical article column of 09 Daquan, aiming to start with the prepress process, guide people in the industry to reduce the lubrication effect, pay attention to prepress, and do the first step to ensure high-quality prints

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