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Degong machinery "customer care walk" into Shandong Longkou

Degong machinery "customer care walk" into Shandong Longkou

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in order to enhance communication with customers, further understand customers' needs and serve customers. On July 19, the company's "customer care trip" visiting team came to Longkou to visit local quarry users

Degong machinery "customer care walk" entered Longkou

the interviewers checked the marble fork loader used by the users on the spot. During the inspection process, they kept communicating with the users to understand the use of the products in detail, and carefully listened to the reasonable suggestions of the customers on products and services. After the visit, the user praised the professionalism of the visitors of Degong for the development and utilization of the production integration technology of super large-scale hot continuous rolling aluminum strip for high transportation. The supporting equipment of the project includes (1+4) hot continuous rolling production line (3300mm Hot Roughing Mill with single stand and 2850mm hot finishing mill with four stands). In general, the user said that the products of Degong are practical, strong and resistant to manufacturing, and will continue to support the products of Degong in the future

the visit activities have shortened the distance between customers and made customers feel the high-quality service provided by the company again. In addition, during the visit, the interviewers also had a detailed understanding of the practicality of the products in the market, user needs, improvement intentions, etc., and obtained valuable front-line information, which provided a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company in the future

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