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Guangdong should pay attention to the development of famous brands

yesterday morning, the governor of Guangdong Province Huang Huahua and the normal stress on the shear failure surface AB according to gb/t23561 δ And the calculation method of shear stress T: the executive vice governor Tang Bingquan and his party came to the Liuhua Road Exhibition Hall and Pazhou Exhibition Hall of the Canton Fair to inspect. At this Canton Fair, textile and clothing export enterprises are facing the threat of "restrictions" again by the United States and Europe after the quota liberalization. After visiting the booths of clothing exporters, Huang Huahua said that the key to textile export depends on the quality. Although there are still traditional price advantages, Guangdong's clothing export in the future should start from three aspects: design ability, brand and specialization to further improve the added value

he stressed that textile export companies should change the export structure, improve product quality and price, and create export famous brands. In the food brand exhibition area, I learned that the "Zhujiang bridge" brand soy sauce of Guangdong food import and export group company has launched gift packaging. Huang Huahua said happily that packaging design is very important. Food import and export enterprises should do a good job in the packaging of products and strengthen efforts to develop products into Chinese famous brands and export famous brands. He happily picked up the seasoning gift box and became an "advertising model" facing the camera. In Pazhou Exhibition Hall, Huang Huahua and his delegation visited the booths of Guangdong household appliance brands such as Galanz, Zhigao, Wanbao, Jinling, Midea, etc. Huang Huahua said that the export potential of Guangdong's mechanical and electrical products is huge, especially the export of household appliances. Developed countries need to be upgraded, while developing countries still have many blank markets. Therefore, the fastest growth of general trade exports is still household appliances. He said that whether there are independent intellectual property rights is of great significance to establish brands. The key to creating famous brands is technological innovation. He hoped that Guangdong household appliance export enterprises would speed up the adjustment of product structure and develop more cutting-edge products

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