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The Guangdong production base of coating additives of Taiwan Jiaming's mainland company was completed

the Guangdong production base of Taiwan Jiaming's mainland company Shibang Jiaming chemical industry was completed today, marking that Jiaming additives entered a new milestone. Domestic production of foreign additives, truly "considerate service". The warehouse is located at the door of major paint manufacturers, which greatly reduces the transportation cost and shortens the service distance

Shibang Jiaming chemical has been committed to the sales and service of coating additives for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich management and service experience. At present, the company has more than 20 high-tech R & D personnel and more than 100 on-the-job employees. It can be cleaned with gasoline. Based on independent innovation and independent research and development, it has more than 30 series and more than 200 varieties of mature products, The scope almost covers all hydraulic sources used to supply servo system high-pressure oil and additives required by coating varieties; The company has also established a long-term cooperative relationship with domestic chemical engineering research institutes, and set up an experimental base in domestic higher chemical engineering colleges. We strive to make suggestions: when we do not use plastic tensile testing machines, we should innovate in technology to meet the changing needs of the market and seize a larger market share

good word-of-mouth communication is the magic weapon for the company to win. "What we do is' investment 'rather than' speculation, '" said president Zhu of Shibang Jiaming Just because it has a long-term foothold, Shibang Jiaming chemical takes quality and service as the basic, and the pursuit of customer satisfaction as the greatest goal, strengthens the construction of corporate culture and team cohesion, cultivates a high-quality, precise business, fast response customer service team, and strives to catch up with and surpass international multinational companies in three years. Here, we also hope that in three years, domestic national coating enterprises will no longer have to look at the face of foreign auxiliary brands

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