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How to break through the dilemma of customized home? There are five good prescriptions

golden nine silver ten, and there are a lot of listed enterprises. September 26 plays a very important role in the production and R & D of production enterprises. Haidilao is listed. On September 25, yunmi whole house Internet appliances officially landed on NASDAQ. On the same day, dinggu Jichuang was listed, with a sharp rise of 44.03% in the opening, and its current market value is 2.006 billion yuan. It is exciting to enter the second half of the customized home with the overall growth rate declining

in the past two years, customized home furnishings have become hot in the capital market. Listed customization enterprises include europay home, Sofia, Shangpin home furnishing, haolaike, gold medal kitchen cabinet, Zhibang kitchen cabinet, piano and our home, and dinggu Jichuang has reached 9

but from the perspective of the industry as a whole, customized home furnishings began to calm down. In 2017, the domestic customization market was about 200billion. The mid year report of eight listed customization enterprises in 2018 showed that the operating revenue increased by 26.57% compared with gb/t 12520 (1) 990 high torque 10 slot, and the overall growth rate decreased

customized home furnishings are facing several problems:

(1) the state has made a heavy attack on real estate, and the sales area of commercial housing fell by 12.8% compared with the same period last year, causing the total consumption of home decoration and home furnishings to decline. The continuous promotion of hardbound housing policy and the overdraft purchasing power of high housing prices have led to the degradation of home decoration and household consumption

(2) in terms of channels, the rise of new retail channels such as packaging, e-commerce and shopping centers has led to the diversified development of traditional furniture and building materials sales channels, serious passenger differentiation and increased marketing costs. Traditional channels are facing serious challenges

(3) in terms of competition, seven customized brands were listed successively last year, and cross industry companies continued to enter the customization industry. The competition was more intense than ever, and even homogenization occurred

2018 may be the inflection point of the customized home furnishing industry, and it is necessary to prescribe a prescription for enterprises with obvious fatigue

1. Reform of diversified sales channels

the main channel strategies of several listed enterprises are to strengthen the existing market, comply with the trend of channel reform, develop cooperation with real estate hardbound houses and decoration companies, speed up the channel drainage of e-commerce, and pilot promote new retail channels such as shoppingmall

desperately open stores and sink. Midea has 30000 stores at the terminal, while europay home has just more than 6000. There is still a lot of space in the customization industry, and it will need to open stores several times faster in the future

according to the mid-2018 report, europay's revenue was 4.845 billion, an increase of 25.06% year-on-year. Mainly through dealer channels, supplemented by engineering business, foreign trade export and direct sales mode. In addition, e-commerce increased by more than 80%, and the annual e-commerce target performance in 2018 was 1.5 billion. The high growth of engineering and e-commerce drives the overall growth

2. Conform to the trend of decoration channels

customized enterprises sell consumers not only design, products and installation, but also a complete residential scheme. European style home furnishings and home accessories took the lead in leaping from full house customization to decoration. The packaged orders of europay home in 2018 accounted for more than 10% of the national retail orders

Shangpin home furnishing "enabling" packaging mode: create homkoo packaging cloud platform, and disclose the packaging performance of Shangpin home furnishing in the financial report of the first half of 2018, with a revenue of 47 million, accounting for 2%

3. Full category extension, new product research and development

in the first half of 2018, all brands took big home as the starting point. The financial report showed that in addition to the main product revenue, the wardrobe, wooden door and bathroom category revenue of europay home accounted for 42% in total. Customers can use Santoprene to replace TPE for blow molding the shaft sleeve of constant speed drive joint, and the cabinet, wooden door and furniture category revenue of Sofia accounted for 16%. A brand must have the ability to cover all categories in order to play the whole house customization

4. Terminal stores are the foundation of enterprises

in the first half of 2018, the average single store output of europay home was 722000, an increase of 10.42% year-on-year; Shangpin's average single store output was 886600, with a year-on-year increase of 7.01%; The average output of a single store of haolaike was 531000, with a year-on-year increase of 3.15%. The growth is slow, and the life of dealers is not easy. It is the top priority of enterprises to ensure survival and not be eliminated

dealers are the foundation for the development and growth of customization enterprises. In the mid-2018 report, europay put the dealer's profits in a more prominent position. The wonderful thing is that haolaike is also reducing costs and burdens for dealers

5. No design, no customization

customized home has developed to the Red Sea stage, and has reached the inflection point of homogenization and price war. The space of differentiation is design. For customized home furnishings, design is the core competitiveness, which mainly includes three levels

the first is product design. From the single product to the current whole house customization, it has evolved into the overall space design

the second is the design of the exhibition hall. The evolution of retail scene is changing rapidly, and rigid terminal needs such as new retail and interactive experience are constantly upgrading. Enterprises are in urgent need of their own design ability, standardized and reproducible system

the third is the terminal store design ability. This is a link to realize all consumer needs and the starting point for customizing all products and services of home furnishing enterprises. Some enterprise products have 100 points in the headquarters exhibition hall, and may only have 80 points in the dealer store

customized 5.3 sliding gears should not bite and block the scene. The air outlet of the home is still hot, and entering the IPO has become a shortcut. With the listing, we can get more capital support. In the future, challenges still outweigh opportunities, and customized home furnishing enterprises need concentration and restraint

the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. From customized home to decoration, the attribute of "product + service" of customized home cannot be bypassed. It is more important to practice basic skills solidly than to pursue hot spots

grasp the four core basic capabilities of manufacturers: products, channels, services and brands. Focusing on brand building, product building, delivery, quality, service and other issues, taking users as the center and supporting dealers can help brand growth

at present, the custom home furnishing industry has begun to enjoy a "everyone living style, decoration style", no less than the trend of "Internet home decoration" a few years ago. However, many problems have arisen in the latter. Even if the customized enterprises can be listed, the challenge is still not small, and the real battle has just begun

whether customized home furnishings can usher in rapid development with the help of listing still needs to do a good job in products and services in order to keep the cloud open and see the moon bright

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