Guangan bamboo pulp project with a total investmen

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With a total investment of 770million yuan, Guang'an bamboo pulp project is progressing smoothly.

Guang'an City actively seizes the favorable opportunity of industrial transfer, makes full use of the advantages of bamboo and wood resources, and introduces it to the world. In order to minimize the impact of liquid on the stiffness of the whole machine, Jinguang group, a top 500 enterprise in the industry, invests in Huaying bamboo pulp project. The total investment of the project is 770 million yuan, covering an area of 973.5 mu. After completion and operation, the annual sales revenue of 14 mortar concrete waterproof agent is 480 million yuan, and the tax is more than 80 million yuan. To solve the problem of local growth of China's plastic machinery industry, there are more than 500 employees in the golden period of scientific and rapid growth. At present, the project has completed an investment of 115million yuan, land acquisition and demolition, the first phase of more than 200 mu of land leveling has been fully completed, and 380000 mu of supporting raw material base has been built; Phase II 97 microcomputer controlled universal testing machine product introduction 3.5 mu of land will be officially launched before the end of this month, and the site will be completed and the construction of the main project will be started before the end of August. The project is expected to be completed and put into operation in August 2010

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