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Guangdong province carried out comprehensive law enforcement of metrology, bar code and QS

in early July, law enforcement officers from the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, together with experts from the Guangdong Academy of Metrology and the Guangdong Branch of China coding center, conducted surprise inspections on many supermarkets in the urban-rural fringe of Guangzhou. According to the person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, this action aims to promote the implementation of the "Guangdong commodity bar code management measures" and the QS certification of the new ten categories of food. The law enforcement personnel who participated in the fact and action focused on the following issues: whether the measurement of several types of quantitatively packaged goods with high consumption frequency and prone to "insufficient quantity" such as bagged rice, flour, meat products, biscuits, etc. meets the requirements; Whether the pre packaged products such as food, tobacco and alcohol, beverages, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, health products, daily chemicals, children's toys, household appliances, etc. that must be marked with commodity bar codes use bar codes in a standardized manner; The acquisition and marking of QS marks for ten new categories of food such as meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments (sugar, monosodium glutamate), instant noodles, biscuits, cans, frozen drinks, quick-frozen rice food and puffed food. The action has carried out metrological verification on 10 products, inspected more than 350 bar codes of commodities and more than 500 QS products

according to the inspection, most supermarkets have unqualified products. Law enforcement officers found that the rice and peanuts sold in the supermarket were short of two Jin, and then transferred to the law enforcement procedure for investigation and handling. In addition, during the inspection, it was found that the labeling of food bar codes was relatively standardized, but in bath caps, shower gels and other products, illegal phenomena such as falsely using others' bar codes, using cancelled bar codes, and labeling without bar codes were found

this action is a new attempt of Guangdong Province to comprehensively hold the weight of plastic extruders in the international market, and the selection of such components has greatly improved the cost performance of products. From the effect of the action, various comprehensive law enforcement actions can investigate and deal with a variety of illegal acts to the greatest extent, improve the efficiency of law enforcement, save law enforcement funds, and change multiple law enforcement into one law enforcement, which has achieved good results. (Yue Zhijian)

South China (Fourth Edition, July 14, 2005)

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