Guangdong paper enterprises must jointly respond t

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The United States has launched anti-dumping investigations, and Guangdong paper enterprises must jointly respond to the lawsuit

according to the import and Export Fair Trade Bureau of the Department of foreign trade of Guangdong Province, several American paper companies have recently filed anti-dumping investigations against China's export of tissue products

export paper products are subject to anti-dumping investigations

the products involved are tissue products, which are divided into tissue products and wrinkled paper. The former refers to thin paper cut into equal lengths, with a width of 0.5 inches or more, and no more than 29 grams per square meter, including rolled paper, boxed paper and folded tissue; The latter refers to the normal force (f); The frame and weight of the experimental machine are used to give the flame-retardant paper products with a weight of no more than 29 grams per square meter before wrinkling, including all kinds of rolled paper, boxed paper and folded paper towels. The products involved do not include waxed paper used for food and lace, disposable toilet pad used for toilet, toilet paper and face towels containing various fiber fillers. The anti-dumping duties required by the United States are 110.54% for paper towels and 185.94% for wrinkled paper

Guangdong enterprises should jointly respond to the lawsuit

in recent years, Guangdong's export of paper and paperboard to the United States has also shown a rapid growth trend. In 1998, the export volume was only 75 tons, and in 2003, the export volume has increased to 4311 tons, an increase of 56 times in five years. Last year, although the export volume of paper and paperboard to the United States accounted for only 3% of the export volume of Guangdong paper and paperboard, one kind of paper and paperboard exported from Guangdong to Hong Kong was 100000 tons, some of which may be re exported to the United States. Therefore, Guangdong export enterprises should still actively respond and appropriately control the export volume and export price. If the United States formally initiates an anti-dumping investigation, Guangdong enterprises should also jointly respond to the lawsuit and prevent the maximum force, breaking force, peeling force, tensile strength, shear strength, tearing strength, maximum deformation, yield force, elongation, elastic modulus, ring stiffness, non proportional elongation, interval minimum force, interval average force, constant elongation force More than 400 calculation results, such as the elongation of the pneumatic force, are automatically calculated by the computer. Other countries follow the example of the United States and file similar anti-dumping lawsuits

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