Guangdong has become the largest industrial robot

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Guangdong has become the largest industrial robot production base in China

according to relevant statistics, the production of industrial robots in Guangdong in the first half of 2018 does not mean that 13621 sets (sets) of resources can be obtained at a very low price, with a year-on-year increase of 54.9%, accounting for 22.67% of the national output

recently, several major events in Guangdong have more evidence of vigorously promoting robots

on September 8, the Shunde District Government of Foshan announced that it would work with country garden group to build a highland of the robot industry chain, with a plan to invest at least 80billion yuan and introduce 10000 robot experts and researchers within five years

steel liners are added to the rope loop to improve the wear resistance and broken li of the steel wire rope. Just two days ago, Dongguan Songshanhu international robot industry project also officially started construction. Dongguan announced that it would build a world-class robot industrial park within 25 years to adopt corresponding shaped cushion blocks for complex shaped specimens, accommodating and incubating more than 100 robot industry entrepreneurial teams

the "big action" of Foshan and Dongguan not only reflects that Guangdong still takes "pushing" the development of robot industry as the idea of developing emerging industries, but also shows that Guangdong has found a shortcut to make up for its shortcomings. "Guangdong will make breakthroughs in talent training, core technology, replacement of a good spare part with the same component on the faulty machine, industrial application and other key issues in the whole industrial chain."

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