Guangdong will classify and rectify scattered poll

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Guangdong will classify and renovate "scattered pollution" enterprises

Guangdong will classify and renovate "scattered pollution" enterprises

May 3, 2018

[China paint information]

China paint learned from the Guangdong Provincial Department of environmental protection that the Department recently organized the preparation of the "Guangdong Province" scattered pollution "industrial enterprises (sites) comprehensive remediation work plan (Draft for comments)" and solicited public comments. According to the plan, Guangdong will investigate and find out the base number of "scattered and polluted" industrial enterprises (sites) in the province, and implement classified rectification according to the methods of shutdown, integration and relocation, rectification and improvement

"scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites) refer to industrial enterprises (sites) that do not comply with the national or Guangdong provincial industrial policies, do not comply with the local industrial layout planning, cannot stably meet the emission standards, and do not go through the relevant approval or registration procedures according to law

the investigation of Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department found that in recent years, various parts of Guangdong have successively carried out the comprehensive remediation work of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites), but the number of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises (sites) in the province has a large gap with the actual situation. Some local and municipal governments do not pay enough attention to the remediation work, the bottom number is unclear, and the intensity is not strong, resulting in the slow progress and little effect of the remediation work of "scattered pollution" enterprises

the plan shows that Guangdong has developed a new generation of functional beauty solutions. This year, it will focus on the renovation of "messy and dirty" industrial enterprises (places) in urban junction areas, industrial agglomeration areas and village level industrial parks, and basically complete the comprehensive renovation of "messy and dirty" enterprises (places) in the province by the end of September 2019

the plan requires that all parts of Guangdong should formulate a disposal list according to the three ways of shutdown, integration and relocation, and rectification and improvement, establish a rectification and cancellation system, and complete the rectification according to law. The weight of a multi rib structure is reduced by 10% compared with the traditional thermosetting resin matrix composite sandwich plate structure; At the same time, one number shall be cancelled, and the record shall be filed with the corresponding department directly under the provincial government on time, so as to "resolutely shut down, have a place to relocate, and have standards for rectification"

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