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The market of hydraulic pipe fittings in China is in urgent need of integration

in China, there are countless enterprises mainly engaged in the production of hydraulic pipe fittings, and the competition is very fierce. However, more end users prefer imported pipe fittings. Therefore, China's hydraulic pipe fitting enterprises have become "low profits and low sales" in such domestic and foreign troubles

in China, there are countless enterprises mainly engaged in the production of hydraulic pipe fittings, and the competition is very fierce. However, more end users prefer imported pipe fittings. Therefore, China's hydraulic pipe fitting enterprises have become less profitable and less sold in such domestic and foreign troubles

Chen Jun, general manager of Guangzhou Yuda hydraulic equipment industry and Trade Bank, which specializes in hydraulic pipe agent and one of the most powerful suppliers of rubber pipes and joints in South China, is very helpless about this

price war does not solve the problem, and the key is to improve product quality. This is the most common sentence in an interview with Chen Jun, general manager of Yuda hydraulic equipment industry and trade bank

the domestic market urgently needs to integrate the price war, such as drinking poison to quench thirst.

Guangzhou Yuda hydraulic equipment industry and Trade Bank has entered the hydraulic pipe fitting agency industry since 2003. Through the efforts of Chen Jun for many years, after the vigorous development of the entire construction machinery market environment and the rapid growth of demand in 2006, Guangzhou Yuda hydraulic equipment industry and Trade Bank has gradually become one of the most powerful suppliers of rubber pipes and joints in South China

Chen Jun said: in fact, I often personally contact many domestic manufacturers. Now the most important thing in China is to fight a price war, but the quality is not very tight. What's more, compared with the products he produces every month, the quality is actually different.

China's hydraulic pipe market is too complex, and there are too many small and medium-sized enterprises. These products can be produced with any investment, The domestic demand will be larger. In order to compete for customers, they have to start from the price. Therefore, when purchasing raw materials, the cost will be minimized. If the price of raw materials comes down, the quality will decline, and the product quality will naturally fail to meet the requirements. If this goes on for a long time, it will inevitably affect the development of this brand

at present, domestic manufacturers are basically fighting price wars, but I think each factory should still focus on quality. Because only by ensuring the quality of our products first, can we do intermediate trade to help them do sales and publicity. If the quality of our products is not up to the standard at all, we can only try it. Once there is a problem, we will immediately stop the sales of this product, which is not worth the loss for all manufacturers

manufacturers want to develop and increase their production, but the fact is that the output has gone up with the development of world science and technology, but the quality has fallen down. This is a contradiction. But what is the purpose of increasing production? To put it bluntly, it is to make more products for sale. However, if quality is not put in the first place, even if the output is increased, the market will not be very good, so the increased output will be converted into overstock inventory

why do foreign brands do so well? It's because people make it more stable. If the same hose is given to customers, it may break down in three months for domestic ones and two to three years for foreign ones

overturn the dependence of end users on imported products with quality.

Chen Jun said that this should start from the beginning of 2000, when the domestic market was dominated by imported hydraulic pipes. Until around 2005, more and more enterprises began to produce hydraulic pipe fittings in China. Due to the price advantage of domestic brands, Yuda has slowly shifted from the agent of foreign brands to many domestic medium and high-end brands

although domestic brands have great advantages in price, supply and cycle, there is a certain gap with foreign brands in quality, warranty period, process, appearance and workmanship. It is because many domestic enterprises pay more attention to price, so they ignore product quality and put the cart before the horse. In addition, the whole construction machinery industry has been dominated by imported technology priority products for a long time, so some buyers are bound to trust imported brands and have a certain dependence on imported brands

I think that if the quality of domestic products can be consistent with that of foreign countries, people will gradually choose domestic products. After all, domestic products will have a certain guarantee in terms of supply and use. Because if there is a quality problem, I can contact the factory directly at any time. When some foreign brands enter China, they usually find oneortwo domestic agents. In case of some quality problems, it is difficult for our distributors to directly contact the manufacturer. These quality problems cannot be directly reflected to the manufacturer. If it is a domestic manufacturer, we can directly reflect the problems to him, which can better ensure the rights and interests of our end users

in fact, many large domestic factories are also constantly improving. After so many years of continuous improvement, the quality and quality are slowly integrating with the international market. Many domestic brands have also begun to 6 The friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases or gets stuck, which is exported to Southeast Asia, Central Europe, Africa and other countries. However, it still needs a process to change the users' dependence on the main operating characteristics of the imported electrode tensile testing machine, and domestic brands still need to continuously improve their own quality

give play to subjective initiative to explore ways of market development

as a place with relatively concentrated construction machinery parts in the whole country, Southeast Asia and Africa, Guangzhou has a relatively wide range of radiation, and the volume of export trade is relatively large. With more than 20 years of market accumulation, it has already become a distribution center of construction machinery accessories all over the country, and has a high reputation. However, although the wholesale of construction machinery accessories in Guangzhou is still relatively concentrated, other provinces have gradually begun to have some small wholesale, so now the market in Guangzhou is also more difficult to do. Now there are only two things we can do, one is to control the quality well, the other is to make the purchase price more reasonable, so that customers can buy our products

in general, our peers who specialize in hydraulic pipeline agency get along well with each other, and there will be no vicious competition. We spontaneously organized a small association of construction machinery tubing, and everyone will regularly get together to communicate and discuss the development direction and survival path of this market

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