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Introduction to the high-performance storage scheme Yuzhan as510s solid state disk

technology, but it only displays multi sample color curve clusters and data places, which makes me, the SAR government and the general public of Hong Kong extremely disappointed. It is the spiral spring with circular cross-section that is often used. It develops day by day. What seemed impossible yesterday has happened today. And computers have undoubtedly played an irreplaceable positive role in the rapid development of science and technology. In the computer system, hard disk is one of the three most important parts. Since the first hard disk appeared in 1956, hard disk has been widely used in computers. Nowadays, traditional mechanical hard disk increasingly shows many shortcomings, such as slow reading and writing speed, not resistant to impact or fall, high noise, high energy consumption and so on. With the improvement of the performance of other computer components, mechanical hard disk is becoming more and more an extension of removal); Performance bottlenecks in the entire computer

the emergence of solid state drives is a historic revolution in computer storage systems. Solid state disk (SSD) is a storage disk made of electronic storage chip array, which is composed of control unit and storage unit (flash chip, DRAM chip). SSD is completely the same as ordinary hard disk in terms of interface specification, definition, function and use method, and in terms of product shape and size. Now it has been widely used in military, vehicle, industrial control, video monitoring, network monitoring, network terminal, power, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and other fields

later, with the gradual maturity and considerable development of solid-state disk technology, both in terms of capacity and price have entered the mainstream level, which is acceptable to most consumer users. At present, the latest generation of new solid state drives (SSDs) with traditional advantages, small size, fast reading and writing speed, no noise and long service life, are increasingly becoming the standard configuration of computers. Today, I will recommend a high-performance SSD to you, so that you can easily enjoy the happy experience of high reading and writing speed, that is, Yuzhan APACER proll series as510s SSD solid state drive

Yuzhan as510s is a new masterpiece of SSD popularization. It adopts SATA III interface and provides advanced four channel synchronous transmission design. In addition, as510s is more cost-effective in products of the same level, so that all users can easily upgrade and enjoy the happy experience of fast reading. It has 15g anti-seismic and 1500g anti-seismic protection capabilities, and has passed strict impact and vibration tests. Even in operation, there is no need to worry about hard disk failure and data damage, which provides a good quality guarantee for business travelers and outdoor workers. It has built-in advanced loss balancing technology and automatic error correction function, and supports window 7 trim instruction, which extends the service life of SSD, improves the operational stability, and ensures the stability after long-term use; Devslp (device sleep) power mode is supported, which enables SSD to maintain ultra-low power in standby mode

Yuzhan as510s is light and thin, with a thickness of only 7mm and a gross weight of 300g. It can also be used in ultra-thin notebook computers. Yuzhan offers 64GB, 128GB, 256gb and other capacity options. At present, JD offers 259-559 yuan, and provides the recycling of idle SSD with old for new. The product is guaranteed for three years, and Yuzhan provides perfect after-sales service. Whether you are in business or entertainment life, Yuzhan as510s is your long-term reliable partner

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