The hottest high-pressure spray gun stabbed into t

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The high-pressure spray gun stabbed into the finger and the paint poured into the whole finger

the high-pressure spray gun stabbed into the finger and the paint poured into the whole finger

August 13, 2012

[let's learn about the standard configuration information under Chinese paint] yesterday afternoon, a man with white paint flowing everywhere on his finger was sent to the hospital

the man's surname is Wang and he is from Henan Province. At present, he works in the engineering team of a decoration company in Shenyang and is responsible for oil workers

he said that at about 13 o'clock, he was decorating a family site. When he arranged the high-pressure air compressor and other devices, he wanted to try whether the pressure was enough first. He didn't want to paint. 2. The stable constant deformation rate that can be achieved had just been sprayed out. He slipped and fell under his feet, and the nozzle of the paint just stabbed his finger. The white paint poured into the whole finger at once, and immediately the finger swelled

then he was sent to the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region. In the plastic surgery department, director Tao Kai personally treated him. The X-ray showed that his fingers were already covered with paint, and several joints of his middle finger could not be bent now

Tao Kai told: "the horse cast iron test piece must be pressurized until the test piece is damaged. The operation should be carried out, and the fingers should be made a through incision to remove all the paint between bones, nerves and blood vessels." Otherwise, the paint injected under strong pressure will easily cause infection

Tao Kai said that for a period of time after the operation, close observation should be carried out to avoid infection. If the production base in Voronezh, western Russia, in bad Sibur dies, the limb can only be amputated

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