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High performance vision system ensures satisfaction

when marking Siemens' parts and products, Tennyson uses connexion's in sight camera to verify and read the code. The in sight vision system can operate efficiently even in difficult environments, and can obtain 100% code reading rate to ensure operation efficiency

as a development partner in the automotive industry, Siemens' products involve engine control electronics and fuel injection systems. When producing two different types of fuel pumps, Siemens needs to ensure that each product is marked with two different codes. The position of the code must be verified, and the code must be read correctly, so that when the product passes the checkpoint on the pipeline, the records that have been correctly marked and passed the inspection will be added to the database. While using the direct part marking (DPM) process of technifor, Siemens is also using Cognex's in sight vision system to directly read and detect the marking code at each production point of the assembly line

100% readability

in the production process, each part needs to be marked with two codes, alphanumeric and DataMatrix, so that it can be identified by special codes. Once marked, the parts will undergo a series of inspection and control on the assembly line. First, the system will verify the codes to ensure that their positions are correct; Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was listed in 182 key brand enterprises in Shandong Province. The system should read the code to ensure that it is clear and readable. In addition, the code must also be able to be correctly placed on the surface of the problematic part (i.e. defective or difficult to operate part), and this part must be able to be correctly read and recognized, so as to prevent any interference with the convection water line. The customer requires to realize the standard system of "zero unread rate". Even if there is only one "unread" part, it will lead to manual intervention of the system, affect the environment of "absolute dust room" and reduce the production speed

solutions and advantages

Tennyson uses the "dot marking" process in the production process of fuel pumps to mark and read codes. Because the surface of the fuel pump is stainless steel or aluminum, it increases the difficulty of marking. In addition, considering that the production process must be carried out in a "dust free room", a powerful and efficient solution is needed to read and verify the code

due to technical limitations and difficult operating environment, the use of machine vision system is the only solution that the company can adopt, such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on. Cognex's in sight camera is a reliable tool for verifying and reading codes, and can be used to assist in data collection. The in sight vision system can operate efficiently even in difficult environments. This scheme can not only read the code without error, but also adapt to the environment of low contrast and low surface reflectance. The advantages of this scheme to ensure the smooth experimental process and quality requirements are: efficient deployment of the production process, saving time and cost; Ensure 100% code reading rate; Ensure integration and accurate quality tracking during the production of Siemens' complete set of automotive parts

the last requirement of the customer is to record every production inspection, so that the defective fuel pump can be accurately tracked at every control point. These details are recorded in the database integrated in the production and operation of customers. For example, at the inspection point to ensure that the fuel pump is watertight, the camera will verify and read the code, and then record the products that have passed the inspection at this precise point and include them in the database

effective production process

thanks to the powerful function of Cognex vision system, Siemens can meet the strict needs of customers. Under the guarantee of the "marking and reading" system of Tennyson based on the Cognex vision system, every part produced by Siemens can realize the whole process quality tracking. Siemens can assure customers that the whole production process has been strictly controlled, which can be said to be the detection and recording during microcomputer operation. At the same time, it can also ensure that each part has achieved the whole process quality tracking and passed the detection. (end)

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