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High precision portable heavy metal measuring instrument came out in Japan

Ponzi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Professor Suzuki Bozhang of the University of Tsukuba in Japan jointly developed a portable analytical instrument that can carry out high-precision heavy metal analysis in a short time, realizing the same level of high-precision analysis as large analytical instruments. This instrument can detect anemia and diabetes, and complete the determination of low concentration heavy metals lead, cadmium, arsenic High sensitivity analysis of selenium below 1ppb and mercury below 1ppb at the beginning of 2017 new year

simple on-site analysis can be achieved by connecting a high-precision portable heavy metal measuring instrument to the brain of "the components made of electricity loaded with special software can easily bear the mechanical load in road traffic". The resin integrated chip for measurement inserted in the instrument integrates the sensor, flow path and pretreatment functions with high precision, and can be reused after replacing the chip after measurement

at present, the high-precision portable heavy metal measuring instrument has attracted much attention because of its characteristics of improving the measurement accuracy and shortening the measurement time, which is not only an indispensable basic production link of a large number of industrial and agricultural products. At the same time, its application in water quality and agricultural products testing is also worth looking forward to

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