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High quality enabling new retail

high quality enabling new retail | Linglong tire channel conference was held, and factories and stores started a new journey hand in hand

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the heroes gathered to start a new journey. From March 15 to 16, 2021, Linglong tire Shandong model city elite forum and the Yantai Branch of the 2021 tear resistance work strong and Linglong passenger tire group was held in Linglong headquarters. Linglong tire and dealers and retail owners in Shandong Province explored ideas, gathered wisdom, and started a new journey of hand in hand in 2021

promote the new retail layout to achieve win-win cooperation between factories and stores

in recent years, Linglong tire has actively explored a win-win cooperation mode among factories, merchants and stores. Since March 2020, the company has comprehensively promoted the new retail layout and high-quality enabling channels, striving to create more profits for dealers and retail stores and create a more competitive service experience for consumers

with the support of excellent product and channel enabling policies, in 2020, various sales indicators of Linglong tire increased year-on-year, and the profits of dealers and retail stores increased against the trend, creating a new sales model of win-win cooperation between factories and stores

"five new and one high" ideas and service policies continue to upgrade

standing at a new starting point, Wang Feng, chairman of Linglong tire, analyzed the development opportunities and future sales plans faced by the enterprise to participating dealers and retail owners from the perspective of the automobile and tire industry

Chairman Wang Feng introduced the company's future sales plan. President Wang said that at the beginning of 2021, the company put forward the idea of "five new and one high" on the basis of the new retail strategy, namely: new positioning, new products, new quality, new services, new prices and high returns, aiming to use a more scientific market positioning, more competitive products, higher quality, more comprehensive services, more reasonable prices and higher returns, Truly empower the channel and be the strongest backing of partners

build a model city and set up a benchmark for terminal stores

in order to better build a national model of new retail formats, Linglong has formulated a development plan for model cities. The company will improve the number and quality of stores in model cities through experience sharing, policy assistance and other ways. In terms of product display, promotional materials, service training, etc., the company continues to provide store support, and combines auto parts, insurance and other brands to provide consumers with one-stop services such as tire sales, express repair, warranty and so on

Jinan, Yantai, Dezhou and Zhaoyuan are model cities in Shandong Province. Zhaoyuan is the location of the factory. The company plans to build two flagship stores and two large brand stores that should be relatively simple to reflect a smooth oil product (especially gear oil) in the southeast and northwest of the urban area, so as to fully radiate the Zhaoyuan consumer market and form a regional sales market linkage

Linglong tire Zhaoyuan second flagship store opens

dealers and retail owners visit Linglong tire flagship store

on the day of the meeting, Linglong tire Zhaoyuan second flagship store opened ceremoniously, and dealers and retail owners attended the opening ceremony together. The professional decoration image and product display in the flagship store, as well as the diversified services provided by the store for car owners, have strengthened the determination of customers and the company to jointly promote the construction of stores in model cities

adhere to the quality of ingenuity

empower channels with product power

in addition to strong policy support, Linglong tire empowers channels with constantly improving product power. At the scene of the meeting, the technical engineer of the General Research Institute introduced the "five new and one high" products that will be promoted in 2021 to the participants, and led everyone to the test site to have a trial ride experience of tire products. Dealers and retail owners had a deeper understanding of Linglong products, and enhanced their confidence in deepening cooperation with the company

constantly improving product power empowers channels

visit the test site and experience exquisite products through trial ride

everything is booming and surging forward. Facing the future, Linglong tire will further optimize its product research and development, product marketing, product services and other aspects, empower dealers, empower retail stores, and provide high-level services to consumers, promote the common development of factories and stores, and jointly meet new challenges and reach new heights

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