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An analysis of the "Tao" of intelligent marketing in the transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry

Tao is an important concept in Chinese traditional philosophy and culture. It first appeared in Chapter 25 of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching: "things are mixed, born naturally, lonely, independent but not changed, Zhou Xing but not dangerous, and can be the mother of the world. I don't know its name, and the word is Tao." The "Tao" mentioned by Lao Tzu of Taoism refers to the origin and universal law of the universe. Although it exists in all things in the world, it is invisible, inaudible, and impossible to fight, which constitutes the common essence of all things in the world; The "Tao" mentioned by Confucius in Confucianism is called "the golden mean" by people. It is a way to teach people how to deal with the world and a means to guide people; Buddhism also has its own "Tao" - the middle way, which is the highest truth of Buddhism, that is, a kind of mesoscopic thought, which includes what people often call "the middle way" and "emptiness", and the essence of emptiness can be summarized as "emptiness is not emptiness", and it cannot seek emptiness with emptiness. In addition to the words of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, many philosophers have made detailed explanations and explanations of "Tao". In the late spring and Autumn period, Fan Li regarded the way of heaven as the law of the development and change of things. He believed that "the way of heaven is abundant but not overflowing, victory but not arrogant, and labor but not proud of its merits" (Guoyu • Yue language, Part 2), and at the same time, he advocated timely and active progress; Han Feizi in the Warring States period inherited and developed Lao Tzu's simple dialectics, regarded "Tao" as the universal law of the material world, the general basis for the change and development of all things in the world, and regarded the relationship between Tao, virtue and reason as the dialectical unity of universality and particularity, infinity and finiteness of the material world; Zhang Zai and "Er Cheng" in the Song Dynasty, based on their respective understanding of "Tao", derived two philosophical schools with the same materials of "Qi based theory" and "Li based theory". In short, in the process of China's historical development, people have never stopped pursuing "Tao", which is also conducive to people's exploration of the origin and laws of things, And play a certain role in promoting the development of Chinese society

it is the so-called "all changes are inseparable from their ancestors". The "Tao" we are talking about today is also fundamentally developed from ancient philosophy, which only does not meet the different needs of customers, and discards the idealistic elements in traditional ideas. It is based on the specific facts and phenomena in the development of real society or industry, and analyzes the trajectory of things from the perspective of historical materialism, And then correctly capture the objective laws of marketing in the hardware industry. By exploring the objective development law of the hardware industry, we can better help enterprises understand the universality and particularity of today's industry development, find the driving force to promote the common development of the industry and enterprises, and to a certain extent, we can help enterprises avoid many unpredictable market risks and reduce the operating costs of the industry and enterprises

since 2012, we have conducted in-depth exploration and Analysis on the marketing bellows ring stiffness testing machine in the hardware industry, which is widely used in the measurement system of ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and FRP pipes with annular cross-section. Through a series of demonstrations and summaries, we have provided a reliable theoretical basis for the hardware industry to formulate marketing strategies and expand market sales channels in the future. Here, we will summarize the products, technologies, strategies and directions in the marketing field of the hardware industry in the past year, so that hardware enterprises can understand and grasp the development trend of today's hardware industry in an all-round and multi-dimensional way, and provide some reference for them to choose a marketing model suitable for their own development

with the continuous adjustment and deepening of the industrial structure of the hardware industry, hardware enterprises have gradually broken the shackles of the traditional marketing model and began to embark on the road of modern enterprise development. A new e-commerce model has become a catalyst and accelerator to promote the transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry

in the trading system of modern commercial society, the rise of online shopping has laid a solid foundation for the development of pseudo economy, which can save 7million gallons of oil refining oil every year. The Internet economy represented by e-commerce accounts for an increasing proportion in the market economy and has become the most potential and dynamic economic operation mode in the market economy. Looking back on the past, China's e-commerce has experienced many periods, such as difficult, rapid development, rational development and so on, and its business development model has also appeared diversified development directions. At present, China's e-commerce mainly includes several modes such as b2b/b2c/c2c/o2o, which greatly enriches the transaction mode of China's e-commerce market. Through the e-commerce platform, businesses can offer their new products and technologies to consumers at the first time, which not only shortens the circulation time of products entering the market, but also reduces the promotion cost. Standing in the business sea and looking around, more and more hardware enterprises began to emerge in e-commerce and achieved very fruitful results

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