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High quality Abrasives promote the rapid development of China's shipbuilding coating industry

high quality Abrasives promote the rapid development of China's shipbuilding coating industry

November 1, 2007 reading: ensure that the time from the sample to the impact is not more than 2 seconds source: Chinese abrasive tools | submission

[China coating information] "shipbuilding coating" is the shipbuilding enterprise painting the ship, which is usually the last process of shipbuilding. In most shipbuilding enterprises, due to the shorter and shorter ship construction period, "ship coating while considering its compatibility and toughening" is often ignored, and it is only regarded as the process of "ship makeup"; With the development of shipbuilding industry at home and abroad and the fierce competition, ship coating has become important

the "ship coating" mentioned in this paper refers to the process of coating the surface of ship steel. It not only includes the matching selection of coating before coating, the pretreatment of the surface to be coated, the selection of coating equipment, the coating process and the detection of the coating process, but also includes the treatment of pollution in the coating process, personal protection and the maintenance and repair of equipment. Therefore, the content of "ship coating" is quite extensive. If the quality of "ship coating" is half dependent on the coating, The other half depends on the quality of painting

1 current situation of ship coating

in today's world, the application of coating has penetrated into various fields, but there is still a big gap in equipment manufacturing and engineering ability. Coating has been paid more and more attention because of its special role in improving the appearance and image of products. "Ship painting" can not only change the appearance of the ship and add a bright appearance to the marine ship, but also prevent the corrosion of the sea water on the ship and prolong the service life of the ship. Although people have raised their awareness of painting, it is still difficult to improve the painting quality even if high-quality paint is selected due to the lack of painting professionals and advanced painting technology. Although the internal quality of many shipbuilding enterprises' products is first-class, due to the second-class coating quality, the product price can only be third-class, which is particularly true in many small and medium-sized shipbuilding enterprises in China

according to the survey on the coating status of shipbuilding enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, at present, 60% of enterprises still use the traditional brush coating of straightening devices in various extrusion units, which is essential, 70% of enterprises do not have mature construction technology, and only a few enterprises have complete detection means. The vast majority of enterprises can only rely on experience for construction; Some enterprises that have done well, that is, ask paint suppliers to appoint technical guidance to carry out corresponding technical guidance and construction supervision in the process of ship construction. When the construction period of the ship is affected, the power of construction supervision is relatively weak. It can be seen that the current painting situation of ship construction enterprises is not optimistic

2 current situation of painting technology and management personnel

ship painting is a technical work integrating chemical, mechanical, electrical, hydrodynamic and thermal technology. Therefore, it puts forward multi-dimensional requirements for the technology and management personnel engaged in painting. A single technician of chemical or mechanical specialty cannot undertake the technology of the whole painting process, and must have relevant professional knowledge to be competent. At present, domestic institutions of higher learning have not set up painting majors, and most painting technicians have not undergone corresponding systematic learning. Although they have accumulated a lot of experience in practice and mastered relevant painting knowledge, they lack comprehensiveness in terms of knowledge structure. And the vast majority of coating technology managers are gradually converted from chemical or mechanical majors. Due to the relatively fixed coating content of various shipbuilding enterprises, the technical personnel of these enterprises have a narrow contact surface, lack of understanding of the overall development of the coating industry, and knowledge updating is difficult, which affects the improvement of the whole coating process level

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