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High quality drive deep cultivation of corrugated - Emerson CT participated in 20. The car will participate in the world's largest solar car competition Bridgestone World Solar Challenge held in Australia on October 8 (1) and 5. 10 China International Corrugated exhibition

on April 7 and 9, 2010, the grand event of the packaging and printing industry - China International Corrugated exhibition was held in Houjie, Dongguan. The grand opening of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted the participation of corrugated boxes and printing industry associations from Britain, the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries, and brought together well-known enterprises in the printing industry such as Bobst, BHS, marquipwardunited, fosber, BP agnati, Valco, Max group and so on

the exhibition covers an area of 35000 square meters, bringing together more than 500 exhibitors, more than 800 sets of corrugated and color box manufacturing equipment, and a large number of corrugated machinery, color box equipment and various consumables with novel styles and high quality are displayed for buyers to choose and buy, establishing an excellent platform for trade liaison and business expansion for colleagues in the industry

as an excellent automation system solution supplier providing excellent driving application technology for the corrugated industry, Emerson CT also dressed up to attend the 2010 corrugated exhibition

at the exhibition, Emerson CT's hardcover booth was exquisite and unique, with perfect functions. The whole booth is divided into demonstration area, product area (including new product area), service area and data display area, which are in good order. The Emerson CT logo, which is prominent in the upper part of the whole booth and rotates 360 degrees, is even more unique, which also highlights the great importance attached by Emerson CT exhibition publicity department to this corrugated exhibition

in the demonstration area, Emerson CT comprehensively showed the audience its many advanced AC and DC drive schemes and application experience in the field of corrugated boxes, color boxes and soft bags, and focused on the application control schemes of flying shears, cross cutting and die cutting in detail

in the product area, in addition to the new mentor MP, the main product unidrive SP high-performance system AC drive and its series, which are suitable for various corrugated boxes, color boxes and soft packaging applications, were also grandly displayed

at the exhibition, Mr. Chen Peng, the project manager of Emerson CT corrugated industry, introduced in detail the specific applications and series of solutions of many excellent high-end products of Emerson CT in the corrugated industry. He is proud to say that Emerson CT has excellent and mature system solutions for the corrugated board production line and the cross cutting parts of the corrugated board industry that have high requirements for drivers. Emerson CT ranks first in the Chinese market in terms of recognition and sales volume of corrugated cross cutting, and currently accounts for about 40% of the total market share. These achievements are inseparable from Emerson CT's high-end, mature and excellent products, efficient technical support and considerate services. He also said: Emerson CT provides customers in the corrugated industry with two optional modes: on the one hand, Emerson CT can directly provide users with standard system solutions; On the other hand, Emerson CT also provides customers with a platform for unidrive SP's open system solutions. For users with good strength, who know Emerson CT products, corrugated board production process and programming, they can easily use Emerson CT unidrive SP's open system solution platform to design a system solution for the crosscutting machine on the corrugated production line

finally, Mr. Chen Peng said to us: the effect of this exhibition is good, and the customers participating in and watching the exhibition are our direct users. We communicate face-to-face, and the output results of dealing with problems and consulting information are more intuitive and clear. We also hope to provide more high-quality services to customers with the help of such exhibitions

about Emerson Industrial automation

Emerson Industrial automation is a business brand of Emerson company, which provides technologically advanced production solutions, including machinery, power and ultrasonic, and provides the most advanced industrial microcomputer automatic operation automation for a variety of industries around the world. This business brand has a wide range of products and systems used in production processes and equipment, including motion control systems, material connections, precision cleaning, material testing, hydraulic control valves, alternators, motors, mechanical power transmission drives and bearings. For more information, please visit www. or

about control technologies

control technologies (CT) is a subsidiary of Emerson Industrial automation. We specialize in the design, production and engineering application of drives, and provide technical support and after-sales service Our goal is to ensure that customers can reduce production costs and improve production efficiency after using CT excellent and reliable products

ct business spreads all over the world, its production and R & D institutions are concentrated in Europe and Asia, and the cooperation projects with the two countries in these fields should be increased. The application centers are distributed in 50 regions in 35 countries. Drive and application center mainly provides customers with local sales, service and design technology

in China, Emerson CT (belonging to CT) is headquartered in Shanghai and Shenzhen In addition, five driving centers in Northeast China, East China, East China, central China and South China cover the Chinese market. With years of leading drive technology and rich experience in the industrial automation industry, we provide customers with complete and comprehensive supporting drive solutions, from general-purpose to high-performance direct and AC drives, servo, servo motors, PLC and touch screen products For more information, please visit www. or

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