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High quality flexographic printing creates new opportunities.

pat montefusco said, "it completely exceeds our expectations, and the image alignment is very accurate."

will change with the growth or slowdown of relevant industries. This factory manager manages the factory of packaging personalized company. He is talking about the FB 2108 CNC GL flexographic printing machine of comexi America company newly purchased by the company. The factory of this manufacturer of flexible packaging products aims at avoiding the loss of data due to the coverage of file names. At the end of 2003, a 57.5-inch, 8-color gearless CI printing system was installed. This company manufactures printed simple packaging bags and continuous roll bags, mainly serving the production of paper/plastic products, baked food, frozen food, agricultural products, tortilla, ice making, pet food and other industries. 90% of the work of the factory requires surface printing on polyethylene film

Montefusco continued, "we hope to expand our production capacity, but we also hope to improve the processing level. Although our old printing machines are only five years old, we cannot achieve this high quality on those machines."

Montefusco said that packaging personalized has been able to print 120 lines at a speed of 600 feet per minute, and is striving to print more than 133 lines. The new printing machine is equipped with a full set of Harper's 800 wire micro hole ink supply roller for printing, and uses the printing sleeve of Rossini North America

the sleeve system of FB 2108 uses a suspended printing plate, and both sides of the micro hole ink supply roller spindle are supported during operation. Comexi said that in this way, the sleeve can be replaced quickly, and it is shorter to place the standard force measuring ring on the experimental machine when it is stopped. The device has a computer-supported work withdrawal function, and integrates a micro hole ink supply roller, a cleaning scraper and a hose cleaning system, both of which help speed up the switching

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