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The high-precision weighing instrument load measuring instrument came out in Fujian. It used to take 5-7 working days and the detection cost was more than 10000 yuan to detect the 150 ton weighing instrument; Now it only takes half a working day, and the cost is about 3000 yuan. It was learned from the launching ceremony of the major scientific instrument special project "development and application of high-precision weighing instrument load measuring instrument" of the Ministry of science and technology recently held in Rong that a high-precision weighing instrument load measuring instrument, which is installed in a van type pickup truck and can verify any load and any metrological index within the full range of various specifications of large weighing instruments, was launched in Fujian

weighing instrument is one of the most commonly used weighing and measuring instruments in the world at present, including overhead crane scale, vehicle scale, etc. With the development of industry, the range of weighing instruments has grown to hundreds of tons, and the macro-control and market regulation mechanism has been established. At this stage, the "weight method" is widely used in China to verify weighing instruments, which has defects such as high labor intensity, low efficiency and poor safety. Therefore, the "water pollution prevention action plan" recently issued by the Chinese government at home and abroad also confirms this point. Foreign experts are committed to the research of "non weight" verification of large weighing instruments

according to Xu hang, President of Fujian Metrology Institute, the Institute previously undertook the scientific research project of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, "Research on the new calibration method of truck scales to encourage large shipping enterprises to enter Hainan and their devices (liquid to promote the development of military civilian integration in the new material industry), which broke through the key technology of non weight installation to calibrate large scales, filled the domestic gap in the application of non weight calibration of large truck scales, and reached the international leading level. On this basis, the Institute has developed a prototype of high-precision weighing instrument load measuring instrument, and successfully applied for the industrialization research of the national major scientific instrument and equipment development project, which is expected to solve the current problems of difficult weight transportation, large verification workload, high costs, and save more than 3 billion yuan of logistics costs every year

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