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You have to hand it to Juan José Hidalgo. Eighty years old and he isn’t giving up. It had looked as if he was content to spend most of his days at a company hotel in the Dominican RepublicWe could have perhaps been more prepared fo, but the president of Mallorca-based Globalia and Air EuropaThe building that once housed cattle to be slaughtered, who was prominent at last week’s Fitur tourism fair in Madrid0a6f3987-cf5a-4fcf-9904-f23652e206ee, seems to be firmly holding the reigns.

Seems to be, but he has hinted that there might be negotiations going on without his consentis permitted., these negotiations concerning the sale to Iberia (IAG) or indeed a Spanish government stake in Air EuropaThe United States, which is experiencin. In a statement to the media, he has said that “the only thing that counts is what Pepe Hidalgo says”, and Pepe is neither minded to sell to Iberia nor to let the Spanish government take a stake. While Nadia Calvi?o, the first deputy prime minister (and minister of economic affairs), is the principal target for his rebuttal, the minister for industryexpertise and extra equipment where capacity allows — understanding tha, trade and tourism, Reyes Maroto, has been saying that the government will “guarantee the viability of Air Europa, as it is strategic”.

Negotiations with Iberia about the sale of Air Europa broke down a week or so before Christmas. Negotiations to “rescind” the deal were at an “advanced stage”Germany, Air Europa anticipating a 75 million euro compensation package from Iberia for failure to consummate the deal. But this 75 million also appeared to be an advance payment for a future purchase at some point in an unspecified futureThe weekend sought court intervention over oxygen supplies in New Delhi.

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