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Made in China set a new industry record again. The world's first 400000 ton/year OCC pulp machine was successfully put into operation

on May 18, good news came from Sun Paper Holdings Laos Co., Ltd. that the 400000 ton/year OCC pulp machine supplied by Weifang Kaixin Machinery Co., Ltd. could meet relevant national and international standards, and the first test machine was successful. This pulp machine is the world's first pulp production line with OCC as raw material, which is of milestone significance to the development of the world's waste paper pulp market

the pulp machine has a width of 4800mm, a design speed of 200m/min, which is easy to cause traffic accidents, and an annual production capacity of 400000 tons. It is the second pulp machine ordered by sun paper from Weifang Kaixin machinery. The first pulp machine was put into production in 2011 and is in good operation

the pulp machine independently developed by Weifang Kaixin Machinery Co., Ltd. is composed of headbox, pinch forming department, pressing department and hot air drying department. More than 30 sets have been operated at home and abroad. They have the remarkable characteristics of low energy consumption, small floor area, high pulp board quality, and can adapt to waste pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wheat straw pulp and other raw materials, which can bring good economic benefits to customers

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