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Made in China ushers in the quality revolution: quality = quality + brand

Abstract: the government work report puts forward that "comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, promote the benchmarking with the international advanced level and reach the standard" and "come to a quality revolution made in China". What is the quality revolution? Where should we focus on quality revolution? Conducted an interview

the government work report puts forward that "comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, promote the benchmarking with the international advanced level and reach the standard" and "come to a quality revolution made in China". What is the quality revolution? Where should we focus on quality revolution? Conducted an interview

put forward higher requirements for made in China

the quality revolution should not only achieve a breakthrough in quality, but also stand firm on the brand

in May 2016, the word "quality revolution" first appeared at the executive meeting of the State Council. In March, 2018, "quality revolution" was written into the government work report

what is quality

"quality can be understood as quality plus brand." Lu Yansun, vice president of China Quality Management Association, said. At the Symposium on made in China Quality revolution held a few days ago, Lu Yansun repeatedly stressed that only a product with good quality and certain brand added value can be called high quality. "Quality revolution first means' double improvement 'of brand and quality." Lu Yansun said that the quality revolution has put forward higher requirements for made in China, which requires not only a breakthrough in quality, but also a firm foothold in brand

quality revolution is rooted in quality. To improve the quality of the new era, "we should be all-round, detail oriented and free of dead ends." Wangdujuan, chief engineer of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., stressed that "some equipment products in China have the same technical performance as the advanced models in Germany and Japan, but they are criticized in the overseas market because of the 'negligence' of appearance processes such as paint and welding. The shield machine products installed by China Railway are famous overseas because they achieve 'internal and external repair'."

quality revolution, good at brand. At the national two sessions this year, Qiu Yafu, chairman of Shandong Ruyi group, said that "why Chinese consumers would rather spend 20000 yuan on 'Canadian geese' than 2000 yuan on domestic down jackets" caused heated discussion. Qiu Yafu asked himself, "this is the brand gap", and called on Chinese clothing to tear off the cheap label and strengthen brand building

"the quality revolution also means continuously improving efficiency and technical level, constantly opening new market areas in the international market competition, meeting new consumer demand, etc." Lu Yansun said

at present, the quality made in China is far from enough to meet the new consumer demand. Zhou Qiren, former president of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, believes that in the past, consumers' requirements focused on "yes or no", but now they focus on "good or bad", "now the market is bidding for quality, but the quality of existing products can not meet domestic demand. From the popularity of purchasing agents, overseas shopping, and the surge in imported consumer goods, we can see how big the gap is!"

3 years ago, Chinese people rushed to Japan to buy smart toilet covers, which is still fresh in our memory. After the quality improvement action, in June 2017, the output of the whole industry of smart toilet covers increased by 29%, the domestic sales volume increased by 43%, the export volume increased by 4%, and the phenomenon of carrying toilet covers gradually decreased. "As long as the quality of many of our products is improved a little, there will be a huge market." Zhou Qiren said

technology explosion provides new opportunities

intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection, big data, and opening up new ways to improve quality

how to carry out the quality revolution

according to Jia Fuxing, President of China Quality Association, the outbreak of a new round of scientific and technological revolution represented by intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence has provided a new opportunity for the reconstruction of the global value chain, and it is time to carry out the quality revolution

new technologies provide new opportunities for quality improvement

"if the craftsman spirit can bring the product to the extreme of quality at the level of large production volume brought to the enterprise by the existing production, then scientific and technological innovation can make the product quality achieve large-span progress, even a breakthrough leap." Said Wu Wenxin, general manager of Midea's household air conditioning division

take Midea air conditioning production line as an example. After intelligent transformation, the one-time assembly qualification rate of a single production line has increased from the limit of manual assembly of 97% to 99.9%. "After the transformation, the number of informatization quality control points has increased from the original 6 to 108, with stronger control ability. In addition, the stability of the equipment is higher than that of manual work, so it is inevitable to improve the qualification rate." Wu Wenxin said

Hunan Red Sun Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has also tasted the sweetness of intelligent manufacturing. Through the construction of intelligent logistics transmission and storage system, manufacturing execution system, intelligent manufacturing control platform and other systems, red sun company has realized the digital control of the workshop, product 6 Reasonable adjustment reduces the defective rate of the total processing cycle by 30%

new technology provides a new opportunity for brands to overtake on curves

relying on the industrial big data platform to centrally manage the location of ground service personnel, vehicle start-up information and spare parts inventory information, Sany Heavy Industry has established a set of service system of "integration of heaven, earth and people, and coordination of the first, second and third lines", It realizes "two hours to the end" (that is, when the construction machinery fails, the service personnel judge the failure according to the historical starting conditions of the vehicle, use the vehicle position returned by GPS satellite, select the nearest service vehicle and arrive at the site within two hours with the accessories required for the failure), solve the problem within 24 hours, far ahead of foreign manufacturers, and help Sany brand open the international market and gain a foothold in the world

new technologies provide new opportunities to meet personalized needs

in the past, obtaining market demand through market research or analyzing sales data was often like looking for a needle in a haystack. On Haier's mass customization solution platform (also known as cosmoplat), the "troughs" and "pain points" of 310million end users, 800000 micro shopkeepers, 33000 specialty stores and many professional communities were obtained in real time. After big data analysis, it directly affected the transformation of scientific research achievements into 2000 design ideas, forming 200 new products to be put on the market. Raytheon, a game notebook, was developed based on 30000 complaints from online game players. In 2014, the first batch of 3000 units sold out in 21 minutes. In 2016, the operating revenue exceeded 1.04 billion yuan, and it landed on the new third board in 2017

based on the mass customization solution platform, at present, the full customization cycle of Haier is only 30 days, half of the industry average, and the non warehousing rate is as high as 69%. "We are no longer a home appliance manufacturer, but a service provider based on IOT, committed to customizing a smarter, more convenient and more comfortable life with users." Said Wang Xiaohu, general manager of Haier cosmoplat mass customization

benchmarking international is the direction

from "bottom line protection" to "high line drawing", standards lead the quality revolution

the international market is the "touchstone" to test the achievements of the quality revolution. When Chinese products go global, they must first benchmark with international advanced standards

"the protagonist of the quality revolution is the enterprise. As a government department and Industry Association, helping enterprises do a good job of benchmarking and identify the gap is a positive guidance." Jia Fuxing said

data shows that the conversion rate of China's international standards (that is, the proportion of international standards adopted by national standards, industrial standards and other domestic standards) has reached 85.47% as a whole. Compared with international standards, there is still a certain gap in some standards in China, which is in a state of running behind; Most Chinese standards are basically in line with international standards, and they are in a parallel state; There are also some standards that are ahead of international standards, such as fireworks, silk, traditional Chinese medicine, household appliances, high-speed rail, civil nuclear power, telecommunications, UHV AC power transmission and other fields. Tian Shihong, director of the National Standards Commission, said that by 2020, the conversion rate of international standards in China's key equipment manufacturing industry will reach more than 90%, and the consistency of major consumer goods with international standards will reach more than 95%

this year, the National Standards Commission will continue to carry out the benchmarking work with international advanced standards, "we strive to carry out the comparative analysis between enterprise implementation standards and advanced standards, find the gap and carry out the action of reaching the standard through three years, one enterprise by one, one product by one." Tian Shihong said

the operation of plastic granulator touches on a wide range of areas of the national economy

it should be pointed out that "national standards are often the product of compromise, and play a more 'bottom line' role, so that the enterprise standards and group standards of leading enterprises can really 'raise the line'." Lu Yansun said that the formulation of group standards in China has just begun, and the industry associations are important. He hopes that China's group standards can also blossom more and have real market influence

in addition to standard guidance, the quality revolution also needs to invest real money, and the government's escort is essential. "Due to the high cost of institutional transactions such as certificate processing, many enterprises have to reduce the necessary cost investment, and the product quality is also reduced." Lu Yansun said that these intangible constraints will affect the enthusiasm of enterprises to carry out quality revolution and the final effect. He said that government departments should do a good job in the effective supply of policy and institutional environment, especially to improve market access, create a business environment of fair competition, strengthen market supervision, crack down on counterfeit and shoddy goods, prevent inferior currencies from expelling good currencies, and create a good external environment for enterprises to carry out quality revolution

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