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Made in China "lying down shot when the" patriotic competition "between the two parties in the United States is going on, it has become the most common scene in American election politics to recklessly accuse China and even ignore the normal market rules in the context of economic globalization. Around who is responsible for the unemployment rate, the two parties seem to plan to launch an unprecedented patriotic competition

the organizations of the two major parties in the United States are different from those in other Western capitalist countries and have their own characteristics. Sometimes the maximum load is not added or unloaded in the loading process. In terms of organization, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party can be said to be not a political party in the normal sense, but an extremely loose political alliance. To become a member of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, there is no need to apply for and fulfill the procedures of joining the party, nor pay Party dues. Citizens who make a declaration when registering voters and go through the registration procedures become Democrats or Republicans. A member registered as a member of a major party can vote for another major party candidate during the election, that is, cross party voting. No party can impose disciplinary sanctions on its members. Strictly speaking. Only 5% of the voters can be considered party members

imagine the expression on the face of US President Barack Obama when he suddenly found his $1.1 million car burned down during his landmark "bus speech". According to the logic of many American politicians today, this is not a fantasy: Although the bus was transformed in Tennessee, it was originally made by a company in Quebec, Canada. Now, according to the treatment of "made in China", this "outsourcing bus" that cannot create jobs for the American people should be burned clean

cause of the event, 12 The adoption of standard database management experimental data is that recently, American media found out that the U.S. Olympic uniforms were a "disgrace" of "made in China". Subsequently, many congressmen quickly followed up, criticized the "outsourcing work" of the U.S. Olympic Committee, and even asked to burn all these clothes

it seems that criticizing China at all costs and even ignoring the normal market rules in the context of economic globalization has become the most common scene in American election politics. Around who is responsible for the high unemployment rate, the democratic and Republican parties seem to plan to launch an unprecedented "patriotic competition"

the "patriotic competition" between the two parties in the United States

the reason for the high-tech employment is that two American TV media are good at looking for details

when the U.S. team announced the uniforms of the Olympic Games, a TV station with sharp eyes suddenly pointed out that the shape of the beret was very strange, looking like a silly French Beret. Soon, ABC's discovery was even more "shocking": these uniforms from clothing sponsor Ralph Lauren were "made in China"

in this TV program, the ABC interview team went to a Ralph Lauren store, exposed the "made in China" label of the uniform, and then interviewed randomly on the street until someone said: This is a "national disgrace"

China business tried to contact Ralph Lauren, but there was no reply at present

in the U.S. election year, the boring election campaign between Obama and Republican opponent Romney is naturally not as exciting as the "made in China" Olympic uniforms. So soon, the topic of "made in China" prompted the currently irreconcilable democratic and Republican parties to carry out "bipartisan cooperation". There was a clear competition between the two parties on who was more angry about it

House speaker and Republican John Boehner said Ralph Lauren and the Olympic Committee "should be more considerate", especially when many Americans lose their jobs; Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader and Democrat, was one of the top performers in the "patriotic competition", saying that Ralph Lauren's behavior was shameful and that he should burn all these clothes and then make them in the United States

the U.S. Olympic Committee finally said that it was too late to replace the "made in China" uniforms at the London Olympics, but they vowed that the U.S. team would wear the "made in America" uniforms at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics

in the same week of the "made in China" storm, House Democrats launched the "make it in America" employment proposal, which stated: "it is time for us to see the word" made in America "again."

but in fact, as the figures released by the U.S. Department of labor show, even at the peak 10 years ago, only more than 350000 Americans were engaged in garment manufacturing, compared with 150000 last month. At the same time, the American clothing and Footwear Association said last year that about 99% of all clothing sold in the United States is produced abroad, and American consumers have also benefited greatly from economic globalization

from Berets to ready-made clothes, the final unit price of Ralph Lauren's Olympic uniforms ranges from $55 to $598. Because Ralph Lauren's support for the U.S. Olympic Committee is purely a private business, his search for places of origin naturally follows the principle of profitability. A skilled Chinese worker ③ would just adjust the depth of the tested sample (for example, the labor price gap between the sample with a depth of 5 wires and the same workers in the United States is obvious, which has not taken into account the rationality of the upper and lower chains of clothing products in the logistics cost.

"made in China" swept the Olympic Games

although it has been criticized repeatedly, it is "made in China" Its position in the global manufacturing industry was revealed at the London Olympic Games

remember the queen teddy bear specially launched for the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II? At Harold mall in London, this cute queen bear with a price of nearly 33 pounds is definitely the first choice to travel to the UK to bring back gifts. But if you turn it over and look carefully, it's no surprise that this queen bear is also authentic "made in China"

in fact, in England and Scotland, I searched all the Olympic gift shops and some airport gift shops and found that it was unrealistic to find an out and out "British bear". If the search area is expanded to Olympic souvenirs, there is not much suspense: although it is the London Olympic Games, sports fans are destined to bring home Chinese products. For example, the one eyed mascot, which is called "strange guy" by many Britons, from big to small, is produced in China

as for whether the British will turn over to see the origin, Jenny, an Englishman, told her that if it weren't for the reminder, she wouldn't deliberately pay attention. "Generally, when we buy toys, we first consider whether the children like them, and then consider whether the price is moderate. As long as we can buy toys in regular stores, no one will give too much consideration to the origin." She said

it is worth mentioning that the Olympic uniforms of some countries this year are also "made in China", such as the Anglo Saxon brothers of the United States, Australia. However, the response of the Australian Olympic Committee was clear: "it is financially impossible to make these clothes locally in Australia."

the French media, which is good at self mockery, said: "no matter how many gold medals the Chinese team can win this year, made in China is definitely going to appear on the podium, because the French team uniforms are also made in China!"

in a long talk, an American official who has been engaged in quality inspection for many years and knows all kinds of defects of Chinese imported products well once tried to correct the wrong view that "made in China" is everywhere

"the reason why made in China is very conspicuous is that they are all daily necessities." The official said, "for example, toys and clothing, which do not account for a large part of the total import volume of the United States, are easy to cause huge disturbances because they are obvious, because everyone in the United States opens their eyes and sees these 'made in China'. However, not everyone can be aware of the high-tech German production line in the workshop."

no one shouted about the "made in Canada" bus mentioned at the beginning, perhaps because of this nationality recognition effect. Or, so far, no congressman has clamored to burn the bus, because in the United States, the punishment for intentional arson is as severe as that for second degree murder

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