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The champion of made in China 2025 Summit Forum issued the strongest voice of independent lubricant brand

the champion of made in China 2025 Summit Forum issued the strongest voice of independent lubricant brand

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on November 25, the third made in China 2025 Summit Forum was held in Beijing National Convention Center. The forum was co sponsored by the electronic industry press of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Huaxin Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the economic observer, and the quality column of CCTV discovery journey. It was born to implement the national made in China 2025 strategic program for strengthening the country, boost made in China, and revitalize the real economy. Liu Lihua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, quxianming, member of the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee and director of the manufacturing research office of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of the Chinese society of construction machinery, delivered keynote speeches respectively. In the afternoon, Liu Shijin, member of the drafting group of the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, vice president of the China Development Research Foundation, and he Keng, member of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress and deputy director of the finance and Economics Committee, also delivered keynote speeches on the core topics of the forum. Alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold working die steel, etc. as the industry-leading independent brands of lubricants, Qingdao champion Petrochemical Co., Ltd. became the only lubricant enterprise invited to this forum. Mr. Wande, chairman of the company, personally led the team to attend this grand meeting

as the leader of independent brands in the industry, Mr. Wande, chairman of Qingdao champion Petrochemical Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the round table meeting on the theme of "manufacturing leap forward: the refining road of invisible champions" and made a keynote speech, talked about the development path of manufacturing industry under the new situation, actively offered suggestions and suggestions for "made in China 2025", and discussed how Chinese independent brands moved from the behind the "invisible" to the real front, Realize the take-off of "made in China" again

chairman Wande (fourth from the left) made a speech at the round table on the theme of "manufacturing leap forward: the refining road of invisible champions"

chairman Wande said in his speech that lubricating oil is an important supporting product related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Almost all departments and industries of the national economy, from production to life, where there are human activities, are related to lubrication. At present, the lubricant industry presents a general pattern in which foreign and state-owned brands seize the first opportunity and private independent brands forge ahead and rise later. As the leader of private independent brands, the champion has forged ahead in the 21 year journey, improved the competitiveness of enterprises with technology and quality, and established the industry status of independent brands

dare to exceed standards

made in China 2025 puts forward that we should adhere to quality as the lifeline of building a manufacturing power, strengthen the main body of enterprise quality, strengthen quality and technology research, build a regulatory standard system, quality supervision system, advanced quality culture, create a market environment for honest management, and take the development path of winning with quality. In his speech, President Wan said that a major feature of modern manufacturing industry is standardized production. Each industry and segment has corresponding national and industrial norms, and enterprises should and must exceed these standards. In particular, he cited the familiar field of gasoline and engine oil to explain this to many guests present. The world standard of gasoline engine oil is API standard, which can reduce the emission of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. The high standard Sn level was issued in October 2010, and it has been 7 years so far; The latest national standard of gasoline engine oil was implemented on January 1st, 2007, and it has been more than 10 years so far. If enterprises only focus on the above standards, which are especially applicable to mobile phone screens and hand motors, the products produced will not be competitive in the market even if they are qualified, because competitors in the same industry cannot meet the current situation, especially those of multinational brands. Taking the champion as an example, the core value of the champion lubricant is technology leadership, dare to compete and dare to surpass, which prompted the champion to develop a number of industry-leading products and finally led the champion to stand out

chairman Wande received an exclusive interview with China lubricating oil information video on the spot

focus on segmentation areas

Herman Simon, author of invisible champion, believes that if an enterprise wants to become a market leader, enterprise managers must pursue something, have lofty ambitions, infect ordinary employees with their own ambitions, and actively cultivate every detail in their targeted fields to make it the best. General manager Wan emphasized that many private enterprises have not done enough in finding their own expertise and exploring the bright spots of enterprises. Many entrepreneurs say they can't find it, but fundamentally speaking, they still don't pay attention to it. He said that at present, the world lubricant industry is basically dominated by several major international giants, but whether at home or abroad, there are brands with strong technical strength and good market share that can compete with it, so that it cannot monopolize a single market. The key is that the latter has found its own segment and made achievements in this field. He encouraged domestic enterprises to strive to find their own market. The process is very difficult, but the return is very rich, which often allows enterprises to occupy the commanding heights in this field. After determining the goal, enterprises should further seek new formulas, new processes and new materials to ensure that they become professional brands in this field. Champion lubricants has opened up its own world in the field of ester fully synthetic lubricants. Therefore, "one-stop full ester maintenance" has become one of the Champions' magic weapons

on site of the third made in China 2025 summit

Mr. Wan De, chairman of Qingdao champion Petrochemical Co., Ltd., paid attention to user experience in front of the "top 100 brand wall" of the forum

in "made in China 2025", an urgent transformation is from "made in China" to "made in China": adhere to innovation driven, and place innovation at the core of the overall development of the manufacturing industry. In his speech, President Wan quoted quxianming, director of the manufacturing research office of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in the morning, as saying that the reason why domestic consumers gave up domestic high-quality rice cookers and instead sought to buy similar products across borders was that consumers actually felt that the rice cooked with foreign goods was more fragrant. This is really a wake-up call for domestic enterprises that have long ignored user experience. Specifically, in the field of gasoline and engine oil, turbocharged engines with strong power and environmental friendliness are increasingly becoming the mainstream of domestic automakers, but they are criticized by consumers because of the damage to accessories under high temperature conditions, especially the serious phenomenon of "burning engine oil". In the face of this problem, several international giants have not given a solution, and even the original oil of the original car can't do anything. It is the champion who, with a high degree of user first spirit, took the lead in the industry to launch a new product that doesn't burn engine oil. Once it was listed, it quickly triggered hot shopping among consumers, and won the gold medal for technological innovation in the lubtop general evaluation list, which is recognized by the industry as the "Oscar in the lubricant industry"

after the meeting, the organizer held the "2017 made in China annual award ceremony" and ceremoniously awarded the "champion enterprise award" to Qingdao champion Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The award trophy "Cloisonne collection trophy" was created by the world-class "national ceremony" Master Zhang Tonglu with great efforts to collect glory. Mr. Zhang Tonglu is a famous Cloisonne master, a Chinese Super Master of Arts and crafts, and also the only living artist in the world who is proficient in the whole set of cloisonne design and production processes. He was once awarded the title of "Chinese master of Arts and crafts" by the Ministry of light industry of the people's Republic of China. He is famous for his exquisite style of description and superb Cloisonne technology, and is known as the first Cloisonne in China. As the representative of the award-winning enterprises, the chairman of Wande took the trophy from the awarding guest and Xin Wang, President of the economic observation Institute, an independent academic institution of the economic observer. This is not only a great affirmation of champion Lubricants' focus on technology and making efforts in China, but also another monument for champions on their way to high-end enterprise development and industry cutting-edge brands

champion lubricant was awarded the "2017 made in China annual award ceremony · champion enterprise award". Wande chairman (first from the right) took the award on the stage

industry comment:

the report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that "to build a modern economic system, we must focus on the real economy, take improving the quality of the supply system as the main direction, and significantly enhance the quality advantage of China's economy." China's manufacturing industry undoubtedly bears the core function in economic development. How to promote China's manufacturing industry from big to strong in the new era has become the focus of attention of all sectors of society. The third made in China 2025 Summit Forum will gather various forces to find opportunities for made in China to break through and build a road for the development and take-off of China's manufacturing industry. In the context of the new normal of the economy, the transformation of the national economy calls for new breakthroughs in "supply side reform" to lay the foundation for the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of made in China 2025. Through reviewing the development of the enterprise itself, the champion lubricating oil general manager Wan summarized several experiences, which are worth learning for the wandering lubricating oil industry and even China's private manufacturing industry

from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, from a OEM power to a brand power, it can be predicted that there will be more and more world-renowned Chinese Independent Lubricant brands, which will become a dazzling "Chinese business card" in the international market, and will lead China's leap and transformation from a large lubricant industry power to a powerful lubricant industry power, so as to ensure the consistency of product quality among various batches

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