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Made in China Survey Guangzhou micro embedded review: Treasure enterprise in the industrial computer industry

Guangzhou micro embedded industrial computer products log on to the made in China foreign trade platform, open the door to the world. In June 2019, the made in China delegation visited Guangzhou Weibei Co., Ltd. for qualification inspection. After two consecutive days of in-depth investigation and in-depth exchanges with Guangzhou micro embedded executives, Mr. Zhang, who has been running in domestic first-class manufacturing enterprises for many years, couldn't help but feel that Guangzhou micro embedded is a treasure enterprise in the industrial computer industry

first of all, at the quality R & D and production base of Guangzhou Weibei, Liang Qingxin, the technical director of Guangzhou Weibei R & D center, and Liu Yingxing, the factory director, had an in-depth exchange with the delegation. Director Liang introduced in detail the three system series products of Guangzhou micro embedded, including the research and development process of micro embedded industrial computers, the current research and development direction of Android products, and his views and opinions on the chaos of today's industrial computer market. Later, he accompanied the delegation more cordially to visit Guangzhou micro embedded R & D center and production workshop

during the visit, director Liang and director Liu showed the delegation the rigorous process flow, the product test process of jg/t157 ⑵ 004 putty for building exterior walls, and the software and hardware equipment with tens of millions of inputs. As a platform for in-depth investigation of domestic science and technology manufacturing industry, head Zhang said: the high specifications, high standards and core R & D technology of Guangzhou micro embedded R & D center can be fully comparable to that of Siemens in Germany and Advantech in Taiwan

with the in-depth investigation, the investigation team made a decision on the brand regulation of Guangzhou Weibei 3 Friction and wear testing machine: a kind of equipment with relatively small consumption and future research direction became more and more interested. He immediately visited Mr. zhangquanfeng, general manager and chief engineer of Guangzhou Weibei. Mr. Zhang was born in technology research and development. Since its establishment in 2005, under his leadership, he has developed and launched more than 10 series of products, including wince and Linux systems. Mr. Zhang is quite proficient in the research and development trend of the entire industrial computer. During more than an hour of in-depth communication with the delegation, with his height and expertise, he showed the advantageous strength and thinner production thickness of Guangzhou micro inlay in all aspects (as low as 5 microns) The perspective of higher strength products in the application of industrial IOT intelligent terminals and the foresight of the development of industrial computer market

general manager Zhang Quanfeng once again showed the survey of Guangzhou micro embedded to the delegation from the aspects of the original intention of the enterprise, core products and future planning, showing the strong scientific research strength and sense of enterprise of Guangzhou micro embedded as a pioneer in the field of arm industrial computers, and more rarely revealing that the annual proportion of Guangzhou micro embedded in scientific research investment is between 15% and 20%. Compared with the current situation that most domestic industrial computer enterprises invest no more than 5% in scientific research, Guangzhou Weibei shows a down-to-earth scientific research spirit and the determination to take science and technology as the first competitiveness

Guangzhou Weibei's extraordinary scientific research strength and its persistent application of industrial intelligence and automation technology over the past 14 years have deeply touched the delegation made in China. While expressing his admiration, head Zhang fully affirmed that Guangzhou micro embedded is fulfilling its corporate mission of accelerating the process of human industrial intelligence with every plan and every practical product

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