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Made in China starts a "turnaround" and moves towards the middle and high end in the global competition Abstract: in order to cope with the new historical changes in the manufacturing industry and build a manufacturing power, the Chinese government is accelerating the integration and development of the Internet and the real economy. On October 30, 2017, the executive meeting of the State Council passed the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial interconnection by "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing", which promoted the revitalization, transformation and upgrading of the real economy

for a long time, in the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese manufacturing industry gives the impression that it is like a "big factory" producing and processing products for global companies. All kinds of products labeled "made in China" have gone to the world market from here, and there is little innovation. But today, this situation is beginning to change

from household appliances commonly used in life to equipment and machines necessary for industrial production, made in China has increasingly entered the lives of foreign consumers and is widely loved by foreign consumers. According to the Spanish newspaper Le Monde on November 6, China has worked hard in recent years to change the reputation of low quality Chinese goods, restructure its industrial structure, transition from the era of quantity to the era of quality, and is committed to surpassing Germany, the United States and Japan

it is true that made in China is taking advantage of the new era and new opportunities, striving to rise from big to strong, and starting a "turnaround"

■ new mode

"Internet +" revitalize the real economy

while giving full play to the function of bioplastics packaging materials,

there is such a clothing store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Customers can not change their clothes when trying on. Just stand in front of a "magic mirror" and input various data of their body proportions, and you can intuitively see the upper body effects of all clothes in the store. More than 100 sets of clothes can be tried in 3 minutes, which is interesting and efficient, and is deeply loved by consumers. This magic mirror is called a virtual fitting mirror

during the "double 11" this year, Hangzhou "Evelyn" × Tmall's "double 11" flash store used virtual fitting glasses for the first time, and achieved good sales results: sales exceeded 240000 yuan, and the store reached 195000 yuan. In addition to offline experience activities such as virtual fitting glasses, code scanning shopping and intelligent shopping guide, consumers not only linger in the smart shopping service, but also make the business of the store prosperous. There are many offline experiences and online business is busy. After 24 hours of fierce competition, the online results of Evelyn women's clothing "drying" are beyond expectation - the fixed frame is 283million yuan, ranking fourth in tmall women's clothing

both online and offline, with the same frequency at home and abroad. There are many other enterprises that rely on the Internet to make great progress, such as evry. On November 11 alone, 157 businesses sold more than 100 million yuan, 17 sold more than 500 million yuan, and 5 sold more than 1 billion yuan. According to the data released by Alibaba, during the "double 11" period, Chinese enterprises accounted for 6 of the top 10 enterprises in the total list of business transactions according to the total sales amount, and national brands such as Suning Tesco, Xiaomi, glory, Haier, Linshi wood furniture, Midea, etc. were among the top. In terms of categories, the largest proportion of sales are large household appliances, and personal care. "Internet +" makes these shiny made in China go global and into thousands of homes

"double 11" is a carnival for consumers, an arena for businesses, and a review field for China's real economy. Since 2009, the "double 11" has been held for 9 consecutive sessions. From the initial participation of only 27 enterprises, to now, all enterprises are scrambling to participate in the carnival, with an increasing scale. Global enterprises have also moved from contacting and embracing the Internet to a new stage of comprehensive integration of the Internet. From production to sales to consumption, interconnection has penetrated into all fields of society, and has profoundly changed the traditional business model of China's manufacturing industry. Jack Ma, chairman of the board of Alibaba group, said that the impact of new manufacturing is coming, and the business models of standardization, scale and low cost of the original manufacturing industry will soon be replaced by personalization, customization and intelligence

in order to cope with the new historical changes in manufacturing and build a manufacturing power, the Chinese government is accelerating the integration and development of the Internet and the real economy. On October 30, 2017, the executive meeting of the State Council passed the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial interconnection by "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing", which promoted the revitalization, transformation and upgrading of the real economy. From customized clothing to accurate supply through big data to providing full process operation management for enterprises, industrial interconnection has become a new infrastructure, which is deeply integrated with the manufacturing industry to promote the quality and efficiency improvement of the manufacturing industry

■ new kinetic energy

intelligent manufacturing helps overtake in curves

in 2006, Lenovo became a computer technology sponsor for the Turin Winter Olympics. Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, clearly remembered that "when foreigners saw Lenovo computer for the first time, they all questioned the feasibility of using this brand as technical support". In 2017, at the global supercomputing conference held in Denver, the United States, Lenovo won the second place in the world and the first place in China for the fourth consecutive time with an absolute advantage of 87 sets of shares. Interestingly, the conference also showed highlights such as China's supercomputing surpassing the United States and AI becoming a new favorite of supercomputing

In the past 11 years, made in China, once questioned by foreigners, has long been transformed. In the new industrial revolution, the era of intelligent manufacturing, which combines artificial intelligence, big data, IOT and other new generation information technologies, has arrived. In this era, it is not only computers and supercomputing that seek change, but also the whole made in China

"we are seeing more and more business models that didn't exist before begin to appear, and innovate the manufacturing industry in combination with interconnection." Zeng Yubo, chairman of Luhui Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Secretary General of the intelligent manufacturing industry alliance, said in an interview with this newspaper that intelligent manufacturing optimizes made in China from the fields of technology, capacity, innovation and so on through networking, digitization, cloud and so on. "Made in China used to rely on China's human advantages, but in the future, it will rely on brain advantages." Zeng Yubo said

we see that intelligent manufacturing is releasing huge energy to promote the industrial reform of made in China and create a new powerful engine. The industry believes that the concept of "industry 4.0" put forward by Germany is the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing. Its core is digitalization, intelligence and platformization, which provides an unprecedented historical opportunity for the upgrading and development of China's manufacturing industry

Zuo Shiquan, director of the Equipment Industry Research Institute of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that based on the strong industrial scale of China's manufacturing industry, broad demand market, the upsurge of innovation and entrepreneurship sweeping the country, rich capital strength and other development foundations, as well as the country's strong mobilization ability, China is historically on the same track with western developed industrialized countries. In the fourth industrial revolution, made in China is expected to catch up or even overtake on corners

take shared bicycles as an example. According to Zhou ya, the chief expert of mobike bicycles, mobike has run about 7million vehicles in the market. Through independent interactive chips, independent positioning systems, and independent signal recovery systems, a large enough IOT can be built. More than 7 million mobile bicycles can realize refined dynamic operation on the street. "For example, in the subway station, we can predict how many cars will be needed at each exit the next day. We will arrange them in place in advance at night. If we find stasis in a business district, we will send staff to clean it up in time." Zhou Ya said

"Germany's' industry 4.0 'and China's' made in China 2025' have made Chinese entrepreneurs more and more aware of the value of industrial innovation." Zeng Yubo said that with the continuous cyclic and iterative development of social needs, social business models and technologies, there will be more and more innovations in the future

■ new pattern

moving towards the middle and high end in global competition

recently, at the 19th China International High Tech Fair held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, BYD signed a package of new energy overall solutions with larrioja Province, Argentina. In the first phase of cooperation, BYD will provide 50 pure electric buses to LaRioja province to help the region achieve the goal of 100% electrification of public transportation

this is an epitome of the accelerated rise of made in China. In recent years, made in China has been marketed all over the world. Among more than 500 major industrial products, the output of more than 220 products ranks first in the world. A number of leading enterprises have grown rapidly, effectively driving the rapid rise of high-speed rail, nuclear power, communications, new energy vehicles and other industries in global competition

"in recent years, the world competitiveness of made in China has been further enhanced". Xu Zhaoyuan, director of the Research Office of the industrial economy research department of the development research center of the State Council, said that made in China was faced with the double attack of low-cost competition from Vietnam, India and other countries and the need to avoid users from adding remanufacturing in other functional developed countries in the future. However, China's manufacturing industry withstood the pressure, its status as a major manufacturing country was further enhanced, and its competitiveness was further enhanced

the "China Industrial Development Report: 2017" issued by the Institute of industrial economics and technological economics of the national development and Reform Commission points out that China has a relatively perfect industrial system and strong manufacturing capacity, and is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification. A perfect industrial system is conducive to the efficient and convenient realization of industrial supporting facilities and the improvement of production efficiency in the process of Chinese industries moving towards the middle and high end, Reduce supporting costs

nowadays, made in China has gradually formed a new industrial pattern in the process of participating in global competition. Made in China is going overseas, forcing the manufacturing industry to gradually shift to the medium and high-end, improving the ability of independent innovation, and providing high-quality products and services to global consumers

in the field of traditional manufacturing, the globalization of China's e-commerce platforms is deepening step by step, and the flow of goods bought and sold around the world is activating and awakening the global consumer market

in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, China has not only made a series of important breakthroughs in the fields of aerospace, high-speed rail, CNC machine tools, new energy vehicles and so on, but also continuously increased the international share of high value-added industries

in the frontier manufacturing field, Chinese enterprises have broken foreign monopolies, 5g applications, supercomputers, drones, and a number of new industrial clusters are rising

data show that in the first half of this year, the added value of China's high-tech industry and equipment manufacturing industry increased by 13.1% and 11.5% year-on-year respectively, accounting for 12.2% and 32.2% of industries above Designated Size respectively. China's manufacturing industry is moving towards the middle and high end

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