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New trend in daily chemical packaging industry

in the field of daily chemical products, many cosmetics manufacturers also began to work hard for "green packaging"; What is more gratifying is that many products have been recognized by the market. Although packaging is an indispensable part of commodity sales today, it is also the predecessor of garbage source. Packaging evolved from many raw materials, but the final form of expression is garbage. Therefore, there are more and more packaging, either reducing the use of raw materials or renewable materials for sustainable use, which not only protects the earth's environment, but also reduces production costs. In 2003, the American Environmental Protection Association (EPA) calculated that the United States would produce more than 236 million tons of man-made solid waste in the whole year, of which 35.2% were paper products, 11.3% were plastic products, 8% were metal products, and 5.3% were glass products. Although nearly 30% of waste can be recycled and reused, the speed of waste production is much faster than that of treatment and landfill. Wal Mart, the world's largest chain retailer with more than 68000 suppliers, launched a series of measures to promote environmental protection between January and November 2005. Their ultimate goal is to use 100% renewable energy and create zero waste

use recyclable materials

Aveda brand of EST é elauder (Estee Lauder) company has always used recyclable packaging materials that are beneficial to the environment, all from bottles, papers and boxes used by consumers daily. A few years ago, Aveda launched a uruku lipstick. Its packaging box uses these materials, and the lipstick tube uses polyethylene, which is also for the consideration of minimal environmental impact. The second package of uruku lipstick is a clamshell shape made of molded pulp, 100% from recycled newspapers

at the same time, due to the introduction of California legislation sb235 and sb1729, more and more recyclable packaging is available to consumers. The purpose of the regulations on rigid plastic packaging containers (RPPC) is to introduce more recyclable plastic packaging, so as to reduce the amount of plastic waste treatment

choose packaging materials carefully

now many plastic packaging materials will choose PVC and PLA materials, but in order to reduce the impact on the environment and human beings, many enterprises begin to abandon PVC, especially those added with non degradable toxic substances, which play a stabilizing and softening role. It is for this reason that the proportion of PET packaging in bathing and baby products has increased in recent years, which is expected to be 38% lighter than traditional cars

Johnson Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) will gradually reduce the proportion of resin materials and abandon them all by 2007. Instead of resins, PVC materials containing PETG and PLA will be used. Therefore, some risks of changing the packaging scheme will be borne. Not all resins have adverse effects. PLA, the material that Johnson & Johnson decided to use, is processed from natural corn fiber. Compared with ordinary plastics, the fuel consumption required in the processing process will be reduced by 65%. Jinan Shijin is a famous brand product and can be renewed every year, which has more competitive advantages than those plastic materials based on oil processing. PLA can be used for injection molding and blow molding, and can also be made into pipes, labels and shrink sleeve labels, which are more suitable for products in the field of daily chemicals

in addition, PHA is another biodegradable plastic synthesized by the conversion of cereal sugars. It is more flexible and moisture-proof than other degradable plastics, such as PLA, and its formal commercial production is expected to start in 2008. Pet plastics also have great development potential, but the regeneration problem is a great resistance. Because few people recycle PET bottles, most of them are landfilled. Using recycled plastics will lead to many technical problems

because the magnodyn electromagnetic excitation system is equipped with common resonance and produces vibration, these resin materials are generally light brown or brownish green. In order to be more suitable for reprocessing, some colorants must be added. Another problem relates to the extrusion process, especially if there is a bottle in the bottle blow molding process, the middle layer will contain recyclable resin, so we won't worry about the resin contacting the product and affecting the decorative effect. In short, the use of high-quality, clean packaging materials is the most important, and the use of high-quality renewable materials is the top priority

use renewable energy

renewable energy, also known as "green energy", can be obtained from many sources, such as wind power, hydropower, solar energy, geothermal, and so on. The use of renewable energy is also very practical for producers. Now only 2% of American enterprises use this energy to create electricity, which shows great development potential. Although the cost of exploring the mechanical/foaming/thermal/electrical properties of abs/graphite thin nanocomposites prepared by micro foaming injection molding and injection compression molding is more expensive than standard energy, some famous cosmetics brand enterprises have begun to pay attention to its development. Aveda and a packaging supplier use wind energy to produce paper and paperboard. In 2004, about 18% of Johnson & Johnson's electricity came from green energy


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