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New trends in Quanzhou construction machinery industry: fork loader becomes a market star

new trends in Quanzhou construction machinery industry: fork loader becomes a market star

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Guide: originally, quarry operations mainly obtained raw materials by blasting, which is not only dangerous but also has a high rate of stone damage. The fork loader born from this has changed this situation. It is understood that under the situation that the market of excavators, loaders and other traditional construction machinery is relatively saturated, forklift loaders focusing on subdivisions stand out

"originally, quarry operations mainly used blasting to obtain waste materials, which was not only dangerous but also had a high rate of stone damage. The forklift loader that was born from this changed this situation." It is understood that under the situation that the traditional construction machinery market such as excavators and loaders is relatively saturated, fork loaders focusing on subdivisions stand out and become a new highlight of sales growth in the construction machinery industry. A few days ago, it was learned from a number of construction machinery enterprises in Quanzhou that at the stone exhibitions at home and abroad, the fork loader attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign merchants, and received gratifying orders

forklift loaders received attention at various exhibitions

"at the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, the company received orders for more than 10 forklift loaders on site, and some customers expressed their hope to visit the factory." Yan asan, product manager of the marketing department of Jingong Machinery Co., Ltd., revealed

it is reported that previously, Jingong had brought fork loaders and other construction machinery products to India to participate in the Bangalore international stone and processing machinery exhibition. During this period, the forklift has attracted the attention of foreign customers, and about 30 customers have reached a purchase intention

in recent years, whether it is foreign exhibitions, such as those in India and Brazil, or domestic exhibitions, such as Xiamen stone exhibition, Quanzhou construction machinery enterprises such as Jingong, Weisheng, Fuda, mingong and other manufacturers have brought their products to the exhibition. Among them, it must be mentioned that in the big data of the products on display for engineers to conduct detailed analysis, the performance of fork loader is the most eye-catching

subdivisions seize the quarry

recently, the author saw a behemoth in the shape of a wheel loader in the production workshop of Jingong, but unlike the loader, the bucket on the telescopic arm has been replaced with a large steel fork. "Fork loader can be said to be a newly developed category of construction machinery." Yan asan introduced that it was formed through research and development on the basis of the integration of the tire loader in earth moving machinery and the forklift used for in plant handling, and is specially used for the mining and handling of mining stones

it is understood that in recent years, the stone industry is in a stage of vigorous development and has become a hot spot of consumption at home and abroad. Insiders said that from the perspective of the development trend of the international building decoration industry in recent years, glass curtain walls have been decreasing, and stone finishes have been increasing

"just seeing the huge market space of the stone mining industry, at the same time, in the process of stone mining, the mining technology and mechanized application are relatively backward, so the germination of research and development of machinery and equipment dedicated to the industry." Xiao Zineng, chairman of Weisheng machinery development and non deformation Exhibition Co., Ltd., used "seizing the highland of another subdivision" to express the source of inspiration for the research and development of fork loader. "From the perspective of Quanzhou, Nan'an is a stone production base. Not only that, many Nan'an people go out of Quanzhou to mine stones in stone rich places at home and abroad, which provides a broad market space for fork loaders."

in 2006, at almost the same time, Weisheng and Jingong successively invested in research and development. More than a year later, this new type of machinery, which is the first in China and is specially used in quarries, came into being, and was named as fork loader. After several years of development and improvement, it has formed a series production of machine tonnage, which needs to pay attention to a lot of matters when using forklift. "After becoming more and more popular with customers, the industry began to follow suit one after another. Many large domestic construction machinery manufacturers, one of which is an active pointer, also joined the production ranks, and the competitive battle group is becoming larger and larger." Lin Bingzhou, Secretary General of Quanzhou Construction Machinery Association, said

overturn the traditional way of quarrying

with the rapid development of the stone industry, the demand for stone handling machinery is increasing. Under the situation that the sales prospect of traditional construction machinery is not clear, the fork loader bucks the trend and becomes a sales growth point of the construction machinery industry

"judging from the development trend in the past two years and the order volume this year, the forklift machine market is still on the rise." Xiao Zineng said that the reason why fork loader can be recognized by the market is not only the huge market space brought by stone trade, but also the weakness of traditional quarrying technology and mechanized application. It can be said that the advent of fork loader is a subversion and innovation of traditional quarrying methods

it is understood that for a long time, the original method of drilling holes to place explosives has been used in stone mining. This method not only limits the volume of quarrying, but also causes great mining loss rate, reduces the output of stone, and makes the supply of stone waste unstable. Some data show that the processing loss rate caused by the application of backward processing technology and equipment is 45% to 55%, and the quality of finished products is not high. "Generally speaking, the more complete the quarried stone blocks are, the better the price can be sold." Yan arsan said

the emergence of forklift loader has changed this original quarrying method, realizing the mechanization of skidding, shoveling, loading and stacking of stone waste, as well as the movement and installation of mining equipment. "The application of mechanization reduces the damage rate of stone blocks and improves the product quality." Analysis of insiders

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