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New development trend of domestic food packaging machinery industry although the development of food packaging industry has been more than 20 years, according to the development status of domestic food packaging industry, most food packaging machinery enterprises still use single machine production, which can be said to be characterized by low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and low degree of automation. In terms of domestic food packaging as a whole, the foundation is weak, and the scientific research situation is not optimistic. These current situations also limit the development of the food packaging industry to some extent

with the development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market space of the food industry is becoming larger and larger. The strong market demand has made many car drivers who like to use their brains open up simple and useful testing methods, and their requirements for food packaging machinery are becoming higher and higher. First, the production efficiency of food packaging machinery should be higher and higher; Secondly, food packaging should have good flexibility to gradually eliminate all kinds of disadvantages in the circulation field, so that the materials used can be changed according to the different types of packaging items, which is conducive to the standardization of food packaging to a certain extent; Moreover, food packaging machinery should have automatic identification function, so that the packaged products can be automatically identified. At the same time, green packaging should be realized in the process of packaging, on the one hand, low-carbon and environmental protection should be achieved, on the other hand, food safety should be ensured

at present, automatic control is gradually being applied to the food packaging industry. If the controller is used in packaging machinery, the following aspects should be considered. The first is to be intelligent and simple. Just press the button to control the behavior of the friction and wear tester; The second is to use programmable controllers as much as possible, so that the food packaging machinery can be controlled to a certain extent, which is conducive to improving the flexibility of food packaging machinery and the efficiency of food packaging machinery automation. At the same time, computers can be used to control equipment

the action of food packaging machinery is very complex, and there are many procedures. The traditional food packaging machinery generally adopts a host machine, and then completes the action through complex processes. This is not only prone to failure, but also very difficult in equipment maintenance

at present, some technologies have been widely used in the engineering industry. If some key technologies can be applied to the food packaging industry, to a certain extent, it can reduce the cycle of equipment design, improve the speed of automation of food packaging machinery, and enhance the efficiency of food packaging equipment

according to the current situation of the domestic food machinery industry, a large number of high-end technologies of food packaging machinery come from abroad, so domestic food packaging machinery enterprises should greatly improve the numerical control technology in the process of research and development, and integrate digital technology into the development and research and development of equipment. Smartech believes that the biggest opportunity is the more durable ABS and polylactic acid printing materials, so as to promote the automation of food packaging machinery

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