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New energy-saving trend Lovol ETX opens a new era of high-end loaders

new energy-saving trend Lovol ETX opens a new era of high-end loaders

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Guide: 1 in the key place of identifying authenticity, on February 10, Foton Lovol heavy industries launched an experience storm journey with high-quality Lovol ETX loaders as the protagonist in Weifang, and shared the experience of LOVOL Loaders' scientization with industry colleagues and more than 100 loader users across the country International and reliable brand culture. During the activity, and now

on December 10, Foton Lovol heavy industry started a storm experience in Weifang with high-quality Lovol ETX loaders as the protagonist, and shared with industry colleagues and more than 100 loader users across the country the brand culture of Lovol loaders, which is "technologically alternative, international and reliable"

during the event, I witnessed with the audience the excellent style of Lovol ETX series loaders in mechanical performance and product quality as a model of domestic high-end loaders

more reliable -- the sincere character of Qilu Dadi

reliable quality is the foundation of Lovol loader and the manifestation of the sincere character of Qilu Dadi. Lovol loader is based on reliability and integrates advanced European technology. Soma bridge structure, closed box rocker arm structure, special wear-resistant profile, waterproof design of vehicle circuit, European heat dissipation principle, all food contact material industries will face some challenges, such as integrally forged steel pipe flange gland, German sealing standard buckle technology, etc., so as to comprehensively improve the reliable quality of products from key parts to the overall structure

safer -- a fashion model that keeps pace with the times

in Europe, where industry is developed, safety has long been the standard of technology and manufacturing. Lovol loaders attack from both inside and outside, fully implement the safety design, rigorous and fashionable European body design, and improve the strength by 35% through the high-strength integral cab frame structure, providing a reassuring external operating environment for drivers; The use of semi metal heat insulation friction plates and high boiling brake fluid ensures the excellent operation of the internal brake system for a long time

more comfortable -- a wonderful interpretation of European technology

adhering to the people-oriented European scientific and technological concept and advanced ergonomic design, Lovol loader gives users humanized care in all aspects of vision, hearing and operation. The integrated exquisite console, European widened arc panoramic window, cab sound insulation cotton, slotted sealing platform and flexible shaft variable speed control effectively reduce driving fatigue, Ensure the driver's health and provide a comfortable driving environment for the driver

more energy saving - excellent practice of green environmental protection

practicing the concept of green environmental protection is the brave commitment of Lovol loader to the society; It is the unremitting pursuit of Lovol loaders to reduce fuel costs for users. Lovol loader adopts low speed and high torque engine, which greatly improves the traction and effectively reduces the fuel consumption of the whole machine; The hydraulic system pioneers the equivalent unloading technology of multi-level power configuration. Idling steering makes it easier for GF to be exposed to resin, and the whole machine saves% oil comprehensively

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