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New trends and new countermeasures of China's packaging industry (Part 2)

3. Green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and developed

green packaging materials have two meanings of saving resources and protecting the environment. It refers to the materials with the lowest environmental burden and the highest recycling utilization rate in the whole life cycle. It has good environmental performance, resource performance, reduction performance and recycling performance. According to the current progress of research and development in various countries, green packaging materials can be summarized into the following nine aspects:

(1) recyclable (reusable) or recycled packaging materials; (2) Degradable plastic packaging materials; (3) Edible packaging materials; (4) Natural plant fiber packaging materials; (5) Transgenic plant packaging materials; (6) Lightweight, thin, fluorinated free, high-performance packaging materials; (7) It is also very common to substitute wood packaging materials (8) green nano packaging materials (9) green packaging auxiliary materials (adhesives, inks, coatings) (10) green packaging material additives

in the future, the research and development of green packaging materials in China should focus on the resource situation in China, take resource conservation, degradability and easy recycling as the main direction, closely track international trends in high-tech, adopt international green standards in research and development and production, and strengthen the research and development cooperation between scientific research institutes and production enterprises

4. The development of basic packaging industry will be accelerated

China's packaging industry consists of two parts. The first is the basic packaging industry based on packaging raw and auxiliary materials and packaging machinery and equipment; The second is the packaging products industry, which is composed of paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging and packaging printing. At present, through more than 20 years of efforts, the second piece of packaging products has completed a leap in quantity, making China a big packaging country in the world; However, the first basic industry is weak, which does not match the second, resulting in the unreasonable industrial structure of China's packaging industry. At present, high-grade packaging raw materials such as PVC, pet, PE, PP, PS and other resin raw materials, high-grade wood pulp paper and paperboard, corrugated core paper, aluminum foil and so on all need to be imported; The overall level of packaging machinery is 20 years behind that of developed countries [1], and the current domestic demand is 60 ~ 70%, especially the complete sets of equipment with high technical content, such as complete sets of corrugated board production equipment, plastic packaging production line, light glass production line and complete sets of packaging and printing equipment, also need to rely on imports; At present, the overall production situation of packaging machinery in China is that there are many products with simple structure, low technical content and few products with high technological added value and high productivity; There are many general machines and few packaging machines for processing special requirements and special materials; There are many single machines, few complete assembly lines, and the complete matching is especially poor; Heavy production and processing, light research and development, independent research and development of innovative products are few. Therefore, China's basic packaging industry has little support for the product industry, which is also an important reason why China is not a "packaging power" although it is a "packaging power" at present. According to the scientificoutlookondevelopment, "comprehensive and coordinated" development is required. In order to establish an independent and complete packaging industry system in China, the internal industrial structure of China's packaging industry must be adjusted and balanced, and the basic packaging industry is bound to be strengthened and developed

with the development of China's economy and the growth of foreign trade exports, it is expected that by 2010, the demand for the size of the packaging market will reach at least 500 ~ 600 billion yuan. In the 21st century, China will be the largest packaging market in the international economy. Accordingly, the demand for packaging raw materials and packaging machinery is also expected to greatly increase the long-term cooperation with the majority of users. According to experts' prediction, the annual growth rate of global packaging machinery demand is about 5.3%, which will reach US $29billion in 2005 and US $40billion in 2010, of which China and India will account for the largest share. Therefore, the demand for packaging machinery in both international and domestic markets is huge, and such a large demand will also stimulate and stimulate the accelerated development of China's basic packaging industry

(III) new countermeasures

1. Accelerate enterprise restructuring, expand scale, and improve industrial concentration

most of China's packaging enterprises have developed from street small factories and small collective enterprises, with a large number, scattered investment, backward equipment, and slow scale development. After more than 20 years of development, there have been a number of large-scale and technologically advanced packaging groups, but the number is very small; On the whole, the industrial concentration is still very low, and the unit production cost is too high. At present, more than 1/2 of the enterprises have not undergone systematic technological transformation, and 1/3 of the state-owned enterprises are at a loss. Taking packaging machinery enterprises as an example, there are more than 6000 enterprises, of which more than 2000 are not stable enough. Only a dozen enterprises have output value and sales value of more than 100 million yuan, and only 50 enterprises have annual sales of more than 30 million yuan. Their total sales are only 8 billion yuan, and the production concentration is only 20.66%. In order to implement the development mode of circular economy and meet the needs of more fierce market competition in the future, packaging enterprises need to increase investment in advanced technological transformation. In this regard, classified small enterprises are powerless. For example, experts have demonstrated the scale of pollution control in paper mills, and believe that alkali pulp mills with a production scale less than 17000 tons per year are powerless to support the establishment of recovery and treatment systems. Therefore, China's packaging enterprises must speed up the restructuring, integrate multi-party funds, expand production scale, improve production concentration, and carry out the necessary technological transformation of circular production and cleaner production, so as to meet the needs of macro-control of the national scientificoutlookondevelopment and improve market competitiveness, which should be the top priority of China's packaging industry

2. Speed up the implementation of the cleaner production promotion law

since January 1, 2003, the National People's Congress has promulgated the "Cleaner Production Promotion Law" for mechanical property experiments such as twists and turns. Enterprises that produce toxic and harmful products or pollute the environment should be audited for cleaner production, and unqualified enterprises will be treated according to the law. Cleaner production consists of using clean energy, clean production process and producing clean products (products with environmental labels). The key is to establish a clean production process, which is a closed production cycle from raw material input to waste recycling. It is required that the materials lost during the production process, such as heating and volatilization or precipitation or running, dripping and leaking in the equipment pipeline, must be recycled, returned to the process or treated appropriately as raw materials for reuse, or the waste after treatment as raw materials for other production processes or as by-products. Obviously, cleaner production is the way to realize the circular economy model. We must speed up the implementation of the cleaner production promotion law in packaging enterprises on the basis of the cleaner production promotion law, or jointly implement it with IS014000, so as to promote the early formation of the packaging circular economy

3. Adopt green GDP statistics as soon as possible and strengthen the awareness of packaging enterprises on resources and environment

GDP reflects a country's economic aggregate, which can be used to indicate the country's economic strength, but it does not reflect the cost of resource consumption and environmental pollution for economic growth. For example, in 2003, China contributed 4% to the world economic aggregate, but the consumption of coal, iron, steel, cement and other materials accounted for 1/3 of the global total, Moreover, the production of the same amount of products brings much more serious pollution to the environment than the industrial developed countries. Therefore, today, when China attaches importance to saving resources and protecting the environment, the use of GDP statistics must be corrected. This leads to the concept of green GDP. Green GDP is the GDP after deducting the cost of resource consumption and environmental pollution, which can better reflect the real state of economic growth. To this end, after the central government put forward the scientific concept of development, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the National Bureau of statistics have jointly established the framework of China's green GDP accounting system. The framework of China's resource and environment economic accounting system and the framework of the environment-based green national economic accounting system will be tested in one province of each of the six regions this year. The implementation of green GDP accounting can restrain the government and enterprises from destroying the environment and wasting resources, and is conducive to improving the ability of "green protection" of the whole society. Therefore, only by adopting green GDP statistics can we be in line with the international statistical caliber

packaging enterprises should take a positive attitude towards the statistics of green GDP, so as to improve the resource and environmental awareness of enterprises and employees, better protect the environment, save resources, and produce green products welcomed by the society

source of information: Shanghai packaging

Dai Hongmin and Dai Peihua of Chongqing Industrial and Commercial University

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