The hottest new transparent heat insulation coatin

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A new type of glass transparent thermal insulation paint, which integrates heat insulation, energy conservation and safety, has been widely praised by people in the construction industry and users in Guangzhou

at present, all kinds of buildings are inlaid with a large proportion of building doors and windows, floor to ceiling windows, and glass curtain walls, which transmit heat and absorb ultraviolet rays, greatly reducing the efficiency of air conditioning. It is estimated that each CES has also made a survey report on the regional market and utilization field. The energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for about 50% of the energy consumption of buildings that can gradually increase the adjustment pressure, resulting in huge waste. Set up defect standard sample this new type of glass thermal insulation coating is a light blue non-toxic transparent liquid synthesized by metal nanotechnology. It has been identified by the national building materials testing center, Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology, Guangdong Provincial Department of construction, and hundreds of tests of various buildings across the country. It is proved that this new type of building coating has the functions of heat resistance, UV resistance, and moisture resistance. Using this kind of coating, it can isolate more than 90% of ultraviolet rays, block more than 70% of infrared rays, reduce the temperature of objects under sunlight by 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, reduce the indoor temperature by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, and save more than 30% of energy comprehensively. The test results show that for a building with a building area of 100 square meters and a door and window glass area of 20 square meters, after using nano thermal insulation paint, under the high temperature of 30 to 36 degrees Celsius in summer, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is 6 to 12 degrees Celsius, and the air conditioner only needs to work for two hours a day, which can save 300 yuan of electricity per month

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