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New trend of Chinese manufacturers: go to India

another Chinese manufacturer has entered the Indian market. Since December, Yijia has entered the Indian market through cooperation with Amazon India

why do Chinese manufacturers like India so much

because it is a huge market, India is the third largest smart market after China and the United States. Next year, smart shipments will exceed 100million. For Chinese manufacturers, the Indian smart market looks very familiar: the user purchase tendency is transitioning from functional machines to smart, and the sales channel is shifting from offline to online, which is very similar to the changes that have taken place in the Chinese market in the past three years

because Indian policy does not allow foreign retailers to own sole proprietorship companies and direct their products to India, foreign companies have chosen Indian local e-commerce to cooperate

Xiaomi chose flipkart, the largest e-commerce station in India for later design optimization reference, to cooperate. Not only Xiaomi, Motorola returned to India before, but also has an exclusive cooperation with flipkart to overcome this difficulty

the cooperation between Xiaomi and flipkart is obviously strong. Motorola and Huawei make the pendulum produce an angular displacement, which are all sold by flipkart (similar to JD phone). In fact, Xiaomi is an independent site, which is only attached to the flipkart domain name. To participate in the appointment rush purchase, you also need to register/log in to Xiaomi account. Xiaomi has significantly stronger control over users

flipkart, snapdeal and Amazon India are all expanding online sales. The three manufacturers of Android one chose one of them to cooperate with e-commerce. One plus entered India in December and chose to cooperate exclusively with Amazon India

the staff of Yijia said on Zhihu: the sales method of Yijia is the Indian version of Yijia sold overseas. Those Indian users who are interested in buying Yijia can log in to register their account and receive invitations from December 2 (the station has been connected with Amazon India, and they can shop directly at Amazon India with Yijia account). Yijia is to follow the original way of building overseas reputation and strive to build a brand that is sought after and loved by geeks

at present, the shipment of functional machines in India is still higher than that of intelligent machines. We put aside the function machine. The Indian smart market pattern is composed of three forces:

<8. Circuit breaker Protector: protect the compressor and prolong the service life P> SamSung of South Korea

local manufacturers in India: micromax (which can be understood as Coolpad in India, because it mainly goes through channels), karbonn, lava, spice, Xolo, etc

Chinese manufacturers: Motorola (Lenovo), Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, etc

Apple has a small share

the top six Indian intelligence in the fourth quarter should be: micromax, Samsung, karbonn, Motorola, Xiaomi, lava, three forces, three thirds of the world

behind the dispute in the smart market, it is also a battle among the three major e-commerce companies in India

Xiaomi has just launched the red rice note with a price of 9999 Indian rupees in India. Indian local manufacturers are also accelerating the interconnection to resist the pressure from Motorola, Xiaomi and other brands. For example, micromax has just launched the e-commerce brand Yu. Does it feel like the market rhythm of Chinese manufacturers (Coolpad, Huawei glory)

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