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Problems that should be paid attention to before film output

1. File format

now most of the output centers use the square grid (pspnt) point color separation output system, and some use harryquin or Israel's sayangel and other systems. But they all have one thing in common, supporting postscrit printer description files. That is, the suffix is PS file. At present, the more popular design software: Photoshop, PageMaker, CorelDRAW, illustrator, etc. all support PS printing. The S2, PS2 and PS files generated by founder software such as founder book edition, Weisi and Feiteng can only be output by pspnt, which is not supported by other output systems. Other word processing software, such as word and WPS2000, theoretically can also generate PS files and output films, but in fact, prepress output requires some processing, such as making up, adding register lines, cutting lines, etc., while word and WPS2000 can't do anything in this regard, especially color manuscript. Once it's done, go to post-processing, It will bring great difficulties to the prepress output staff. Therefore, try to choose a series of professional design and typesetting software such as PageMaker

2. About the format and accuracy of the picture

offset printing (four-color overprint) is used in modern offset printing, that is, the picture is divided into four colors: green (c), magenta (m), yellow (y) black (four color dot film, then sun it into PS version, and after four times of printing by offset press, it is the finished color printing product. Therefore, the pictures for printing are different from the ordinary pictures for computer display, so the pictures must be converted to CMYK mode, rather than RGB mode or other modes. Because the pictures are converted to dots when output, that is, the accuracy DPI. Theoretically, the accuracy of the pictures for printing should be at least 300dpi pixel inches, so usually everyone As the tensile strength of plastic is a 10 point main goal of plastic mechanical function inspection, the image used cannot be subject to display. Don't think it can be used for printing because the image is very beautiful after being seen by ACDSee or other software, and it is also very beautiful after being enlarged. Be sure to open it through Photoshop and confirm its true accuracy with the item of image size. For example, if the resolution of a picture is 600600dpi pixel inches, its current size can be more than doubled, and there is no problem using it. If the resolution is 300 pairs of continuous exposure to extreme heat using 300dpi, then it can only be reduced or the original size, can not be enlarged. If the image resolution is 7272dpi pixel inches, its size must be reduced (the DPI accuracy will be relatively larger) until the resolution becomes 300300dpi. (when using this function, the item of redefining pixels in the image size option in Photoshop is set to none.)

3. About the color of pictures

about some professional terms such as overprint, overprint, hollowing out, spot color, etc. in printing, you can refer to some relevant basic printing knowledge, and I won't explain them one by one here. Just say some common sense that must be paid attention to. The first is hollowing out. For example, if there is a line of blue words pressed on a red bottom plate, the position of the blue words on the red version of the film must be empty. And vice versa for the blue version. The second is overprint. For example, if there is a line of black words on a red bottom plate, the position of the black words on the red version of the film should not be hollowed out. The second is the problem of four-color characters. This is also a relatively common problem. Before output, you must check whether the black characters, especially the small characters, are only on the blackboard and should not appear on other trichromatic plates. If it does, the quality of the printed product will be discounted. When RGB graphics are converted to CMYK graphics, 100% of the black text will become four-color black. It must be processed before the film can be output

4. About the hanging accuracy during output

the accuracy of hanging is generally called hanging eyes. The higher the accuracy of hanging, the more exquisite the printed product is, but it has a great relationship with paper, ink, etc. If you print a picture with a high hanging eye on the paper (newspaper) in only 8 seconds after processing the notch of a general new sample, the picture will not become more beautiful, but will become a mess (horrible). Therefore, before outputting the basic properties, you must know what the printing paper of your print is, and then determine the hanging accuracy. Common paper and eyelet accuracy: imported coated paper or self-adhesive isoline imported offset paper isoline ordinary offset paper isoline paper: line, and so on, the worse the paper quality, the lower the eyelet, and vice versa

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